79Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hong Kong Independence split hope that the relevant countries to underst|Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hong Kong Independence split hope that the relevant countries to underst3

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Hong Kong Independence separatism hope relevant countries understand the interpretation by the NPC Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang today (7) morning by the NPC Standing Committee on the 104th Hongkong basic law interpretation, some foreign public opinion expressed concern. According to these comments, foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang today (7 days) routine press conference that the interpretation of the law in accordance with the law and the principle of "one country two systems", Hongkong belongs to the interior of any foreign affairs Chinese, should not interfere with. Lu Kang said that the interpretation of the NPC Standing Committee of the 104th Hongkong Basic Law on the relevant provisions of the official oath of meaning, to clarify the legal disputes, clearly establish the basic rules of the oath, to curb the "Hong Kong Independence" forces, in the maintenance of national constitution and the authority of the Hongkong basic law, to defend national sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity. The interpretation of the provisions of the Constitution and the basic law of Hongkong, in line with the principle of "one country, two systems". Hongkong, China’s Special Administrative Region, is a local administrative region under the Central People’s Government of china. The affairs of Hongkong belong to the internal affairs of China, and no foreign country should interfere with it. Lu Kang further said, "Hong Kong Independence" forces to engage in separatist activities, in an attempt to separate Hongkong from Chinese separated, in violation of the law, contrary to public opinion, not only harm the sovereignty, security Chinese, damage the fundamental interests of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region, also do not accord with the interests of all countries in Hong kong. Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang: we hope that the international community and the relevant countries to recognize the true face of Hong Kong Independence, the NPC Standing Committee Chinese fully understand the necessity, rationality of law interpretation, China support the central government and the Hongkong SAR government to safeguard national sovereignty, security and unity, maintain long-term prosperity and stability of the Hongkong special administrative region. (CCTV reporter Wang Xiaojian) editor: Qu, SN117