79Arab League the next Olympic Games are too far to cultivate his son’s interest in basketball|Arab League the next Olympic Games are too far to cultivate his son’s interest in basketball3

Arab League: the next Olympic Games are too far away to want to train his son basketball interest   correspondent Huang Wei Guangzhou daily, Shenzhen, August 28, yesterday, Yi Jianlian returned to Guangdong. In signed with the Lakers, it is ready to once again set foot on the battlefield NBA domestic basketball first person in the United States will soon return to prepare for the new season, made a public appearance: he talked about this he founded the public basketball training camp since the development plan in 2016 "passing the camp" basketball development plan conference. Concern for the outside world and the Lakers soon, his family support and the future of the imagination, Yi Jianlian also speaks. The last time to go to NBA is not afraid of the tiger’s newborn calf, now has become a mature man of peace of mind, inside and outside the stadium he exudes a more dazzling brilliance. Talk about the Lakers selected 11 and Yao Ming communication? Locker room and Kobe’s breath, in fact, (contract) came quite suddenly, after the usual as usual to see NBA, but did not particularly want to go back to play one day." Yi Jianlian said to the Lakers training hall is not the first time the draft — where Yi Jianlian attended a trial. "Up to now, nearly 10 years." A combination of emotion road. And after entering the locker room, the Arab League feel that the whole team is full of Kobe’s breath: the dressing room inside the portrait, photos, will make people feel, Kobe is still the same team." This time the Lakers chose the number 11 shirt, for the fans, in fact, there are a variety of speculation. In fact, No. 11 and No. 9, I like the number, the club with the number 9, the national team is No. 11. A few days before signing, Yao Ming sent a message to me, that you will not choose the number 9, right? Then I went back to the information, so I choose the number 11? Yao Ming said yes, that line." Arab League said with a smile, this is actually a joke, he had to wear the idea of wearing 11, he had asked Yao Ming, asked if he would mind – because Yao Ming in the Rockets, but also wear the number 11 jersey. Although has become a member of the team, but the Arab League admitted that he recently began to take the time to understand the team’s architecture. "It’s a brand new team. Kobe retired, the team has a new look. But despite the youth, the team still has some of the more experienced players. In addition to Mozgov, the Ruhr? Deng, Calderon, Ingram also have these young people. For the architecture, the old and new collocation, but also more international, there are Russia, Spain, the United Kingdom, China, the United States players, the structure is more interesting." Yi Jianlian said. Arab League said he and Lakers coach Walton talked about two times, in addition to the idea of basketball, the most talked about is how to win, hoping to bring the poor record in recent years, the Lakers fans brought back. On the positioning of good defense to achieve self protect the basket once again break the first people in CBA, and NBA to enter the competition, Yi Jianlian chooses the latter. And he went to his NBA, but also a clear positioning. "I think the most important thing to go back to NBA is how to break through the self through the ability and effort.