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American scholars: Li Keqiang will participate in the new Chinese transfer assembly unveiled sound global governance Beijing News Agency in Washington on 16 September, (reporter Zhang Yuran) the seventy-first session of the UN General Assembly opened in September 13th, China Premier Li Keqiang will attend the general debate, speech, and with the relevant international organizations attended the Symposium. Activities, this will be the first time since he became prime minister at the United Nations stage. American scholars in an interview with China News Agency reporters, said Li Keqiang’s General Assembly will be transferred to the outside world to actively participate in international affairs and global governance of China’s new voice. The Brookings Institution director Thornton John? China Center Li Cheng told News Agency reporters, Chinese has just successfully hosted the G20 summit in Hangzhou, after a lapse of two weeks, Chinese leaders again presents the United Nations stage, high level multilateral diplomatic activities held intensive shows more and more attention to the position of China Chinese conveyed through multilateral mechanisms to promote the interests of Chinese. He said that the international community concerned will China on climate change, counter-terrorism, non-proliferation, refugees, the North Korean nuclear issue, the construction of infrastructure and trade etc. the position on the issue and the next action, the outside looking Li Keqiang in the general debate speech transfer new voice Chinese actively participate in international affairs and global governance the. Li Keqiang, the United Nations General Assembly came to China 45 years ago to return to the United nations. The center for strategic and international studies under the director of Chinese Research Center Zhang Kesi (Christopher Johnson) said that 45 years Chinese role in the United Nations system in the changed, participate in the multilateral dialogue mechanism show greater confidence in addressing regional and global issues, to play a greater role in Chinese, China contribution to multilateral institutions also on the rise, this is encouraging. Within the framework of the United Nations, China can become a bridge between developing countries and developed countries. Bucknell, director of the Institute of Chinese Studies at the University of the United States, said that China has become a positive contributor to the existing system of the United Nations, but also the permanent members of the Security Council to send peacekeepers to the most countries in the world of. China is a defender of the international system after World War II, and will not undermine the existing system, but will seek to improve the existing system to better reflect the interests of emerging and developing countries. Some western media called China may challenge the existing system, or even start the argument is wrong. The center for strategic and international studies under the Chinese business and political economy project director Gan Side (Scott Kennedy) said that the future of the United Nations need to operate more efficiently and more inclusive, more cash, five members of the Security Council to play a leading role in China as indispensable. During the meeting of the general assembly, Li Keqiang will host a forum on the implementation of the sustainable development agenda 2030, held by the Chinese initiative. Attention to the theme of this session of the general assembly, with the goal of sustainable development: joint efforts to transform our world "has different approaches but equally satisfactory results. University of Denver Joseph Koerber? University of International Relations professor and director of the center for China-U.S. cooperation, Zhao Suisheng told News Agency reporters, 2030)