78Wu Lei Lippi always encourages us to have a glimmer of hope will never give up|Wu Lei Lippi always encourages us to have a glimmer of hope will never give up1

Wu Lei: Lippi always encourages us to have a glimmer of hope will never give up national football striker Wu Lei away in a month ago 0:2 enemy Uzbekistan team, Chinese team experienced coach Gao Hongbo to resign, Lippi stepped in the coaching turmoil over helm. Beijing time 19:35 on November 15th, the national team will be based in Kunming China home court Tuodong Stadium against Qatar team, the last battle in their 12 season on the Asian preliminaries in the second half of the. This is the "silver fox" Lippi coached the national football the first race, but also outside of the China team expect a war to change. The new coach is the brush face on the line, or will lead the group A at the bottom of the foot in the "credit card"? Reporter Ye Zhu    ]  [great pressure; the Orangemen also need change 4 and 1 flat 3 negative only got 1 points, at present, in the A group at the bottom of the Orangemen can get the first victory in the 12 race, and Lippi can bring the big change is the focus of the game. It is reported that the game tickets almost sold out, many fans said to Lippi. In the two days before the game, the predecessor of the injured Zhang Linpeng, Zhang Chengdong, Cao, Cao, and four people have returned to the big force in the training of the. Much attention in a week before the young Zhang Yuning to return to Holland from china. In addition, as early as November 3rd, the national football team has been preparing for the rally in Kunming. The degree of adaptation to the venue is undoubtedly much better than the day before the arrival of qatar. Wu Lei said: "Lippi always encourages us to believe in ourselves. He told us that we are not lack of ability but lack of confidence. As long as we have a glimmer of hope, we will never give up." Because the previous record is far from satisfactory, the players psychological pressure is not small. On the 14 day of the pre match press conference, national football captain Zheng Zhi talked about the task mentality of the team, "in the past we play for the national team and the league is not the same, because the players feel in the face of the national team to a greater pressure than the club. So, how to mediate pressure is the problem we need to face." Zheng Zhi said that this section of the training so that players will not only have a change in tactics, there will be changes in the psychological aspects, I believe in the game with Qatar, we can see these changes. Have ["good"? ]    don’t forget to look at the "warning"’s opponent, at present, Qatar in the first 4 games of 12 Game 1 wins and 3 losses scoring 3 points, ranked second last team scored 3 goals for the team; third, lost 6 ball data flat with the China team. The first two teams all lost, Qatar has experienced in the 12 season coaching, in Qatar League coach Fossati took the helm of Qatar, and led the team to beat the Syria team in the fourth round, ranking more than China team. Although the end of March this year, with Huang Bowen and Wu Lei’s goal of 2 home court: 0 against Qatar, and boarded the bus round of 12 match, but to consider the country full of enterprising performance, the expected value of public opinion and then fans coach Gao Hongbo’s reputation?