78Brain tumor surgery, these problems are also very important!|Brain tumor surgery, these problems are also very important!6

After brain tumor operation, these problems are also very important! – in patients with brain tumor health Sohu often require surgery to heal completely, but also pay attention to many problems after surgical treatment, surgical treatment can make a better curative effect, listen to director of the Department of Neurosurgery of Tangdu Hospital of The Fourth Military Medical University five ward Jia Dong to introduce brain surgery to what issues need attention. 1 dehydration agent and hormone application of brain tumor patients after surgery, the most important adjuvant treatment than dehydration agent and hormone application. The two most common drugs used by doctors are dexamethasone and mannitol. Dexamethasone if rapid intravenous infusion of 20% mannitol, after treatment has no need to pay attention to body water and electrolyte disorder, limiting body fluid intake, and to keep records of liquid intake and output for patients with 24 hours of good. 2 to maintain airway patency in patients with postoperative respiratory tract must be maintained, when necessary, according to the doctor’s advice to give oxygen inhalation. In patients with bed rest, rehabilitation, the bed can be too high 15-30° pay attention not to make the neck by twisting or oppression of the chest, in order to facilitate the jugular venous reflux, intracranial pressure reduction. Patients need to maintain defecate unobstructed, avoid excessive force, causing intracranial pressure surge, which led to the occurrence of hernia. After the 3 head cooling operation in patients with coma patients with brain tumor surgery may lead to coma, during this period the patients need to use an ice pack or ice cap on the head of physical cooling, in order to reduce the oxygen consumption of brain cells, contribute to brain edema subsided. Change in physical cooling but also need to pay attention to the temperature of a patient, to avoid frostbite. Patients with irritability may be given a sedative when necessary. 4, after close observation of changes in patients with brain tumor surgery need to be vigilant of cerebral hernia. Therefore, measurement of body temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure and other vital signs of timing is essential, but also pay attention to the intracranial pressure is not changed. The main manifestations of acute intracranial hypertension were systolic blood pressure and slow pulse. In patients with brain tumors after surgery to remove cranial flap is the observation window of intracranial pressure, intracranial pressure in normal circumstances, the performance is slightly concave, but when intracranial pressure is observed in full, even uplift. Nursing care of patients with brain tumor surgery 5 brain tumor after radiotherapy were often assisted by pack treatment. However, patients with brain tumor radiotherapy is very easy to induce epilepsy. If the patient has a seizure, keep the patient supine, head to one side; the tongue out to the mouth, to prevent tongue bite; protect patients twitching limbs, prevent the occurrence of falling out of bed and bruise; edible prescribed antiepileptic drugs, avoid light stimulation. In awake patients after ask her not to go out alone, to prevent accidents. In addition, Jia Director suggested after surgery in patients with brain tumors is very important in nutrition, increase nutrition and improve immunity at the same time, given the high protein, low fat diet, Gao Weisheng. To ensure adequate nutrition for patients with brain tumors after surgery. The above is the brain tumor surgery as long as the need to focus on care. In order to be able to match the brain!