77Corrupt officials in the discipline buy stocks to launder money – Sohu news|Corrupt officials in the discipline buy stocks to launder money – Sohu news7

Corrupt officials in the discipline: buy stocks to launder money – Sohu News reported recently, some grassroots discipline inspection and supervision of cadres said that many corrupt learned "capital operation", the illegal income to buy a house, stocks and other investment, money, money "compound interest, to wash white". Corruption to "ill-gotten gains" may not see the sun, not dew face, not on the table, and how to make public "right and proper" as private property, is a major event in many corrupt "". But the money really can be washed? The answer is obviously negative. In reality, some corrupt elements tend to have two sides, one hand grasping work, engage in corruption also have a: some of the money temporarily put in the merchant brothers there, ready to use, the merchant has virtually become instant "ATM"; some of the money transferred to particular people, through a series of investment, to achieve "assets"; some reign for work, retirement income money, since that unnoticed. All in all, do everything possible to avoid punishment. As everyone knows, "you have a good, I have a wall ladder, let corrupt" superhuman powers ", eventually run out of Party discipline" of Five Fingers Group". Means no matter how subtle, how to "innovation", corruption will leave traces, buried under the "Curse", eventually become evidence in court". Data is the most convincing. "From the party since eighteen to June, and the discipline inspection and supervision organs of corruption cases, in addition to the suspected proceeds of crime and transferred to judicial organs according to law, also confiscated proceeds of discipline billion yuan." This is the final outcome of the corrupt anti lost his tail ", together with the loss of freedom" life ", and they are believed to have been" illegal income washed ", is ultimately a sieve". As long as your "hand", even the so-called "fled to the remotest corners of the globe" avoid sin paradise ", trying to corrupt money to" flash removal "to achieve" great Shift of the universe ", in the end it is only" Nanke dream". "The Central Discipline Inspection Commission released data show that since the start of the" Fox "overseas pursuit stolen goods, as of September 7 billion 994 million yuan stolen goods." Behind the pursuit stolen goods overseas fruitful, gratifying achievements, the CPC Central Committee called "tiger" shoot "fly" stand firm and strong determination, also again and again to the world, people fled to God, to which party discipline; money how to "wash", "wash away" illegal "character". Clean government and anti-corruption struggle always on the road. For the illegal income, both keep chasing attitude, also have anti measures, from the source to prevent washed ill-gotten gains. On the one hand, to strictly implement the leadership cadres of personal matters reporting system to urge the Party cadres to accurately report personal property information, and establish a perfect dynamic registration system, real time supervision of Party members and cadres of the property changes; on the other hand, to supervise and discipline "wings of science and technology, make full use of big data, the party members and cadres the property information does not regularly check, find out the" traces "in order to open the" true face of discipline and illegal income". (Yang Xinyu)