76Shanghai police cracked rat case involved 120 million suspects were advised to return|Shanghai police cracked rat case involved 120 million suspects were advised to return5

Shanghai police cracked the "rat" case: the suspect was persuaded to return 120 million yuan Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you my Sina Finance News September 20th news you, Shanghai police held a press conference today said, successfully cracked a securities account opened using the "rat" profit in the case, the transaction amount up to 120 million yuan. Liu Mouceng suspects fled abroad, Liu’s wife and parents are still in the country, and strive to the police by Liu Liu to his wife persuaded to return surrendered at present, Liu has been successfully persuaded to return. In December last year, the Commission to monitor the presence of abnormal trading account. After the inspection, the Commission finds that the appointment of a well-known insurance company in Shanghai, Liu, deputy general manager of the assets of the existence of the existence of the use of a securities account opened rat trading suspects. Soon, the case was transferred to Shanghai City Public Security Bureau of economic investigation department. Shanghai public security organs after the investigation learned that from January 2014 to February 2015, Liu served as investment manager of an insurance Limited by Share Ltd "traditional insurance products", the use of access for their duties, undisclosed information master stock trading, securities trader to help others account transactions, and the product of the same stock account up to 1.2 million yuan, suspected of using undisclosed information trading charges. According to the provisions of the criminal law, the use of undisclosed information transaction crime refers to employees of financial institutions as well as the staff of the relevant regulatory authorities or industry associations, because of his outside using insider information to facilitate access to other undisclosed information, in violation of the regulations, and the information related to securities and futures trading activity, or express, implied others engaged in related trading activities, also known as "rat". Shanghai police said that the rat showed a more subtle features of criminal techniques. With the rapid development of mobile Internet technology, previously used himself, relatives account operation way of "evolution", now suspects often use mobile network operating accounts, or even only travel to the field before operation in the hotel, the implementation of account funds fragmented, fragmented, and even separate operation mode. It is worth mentioning that, when the police to carry out an investigation of Liu accidentally discovered that Liu himself was not in the country. Originally, he had just finished this year in the lunar new year, with two young children fled abroad, intended to "avoid a head". However, Liu’s wife and parents are still at home, so the police from Liu Department to carry out the work and strive to persuade his wife, she persuaded by Liu an early return to. On the other hand, the police investigation gradually through a flight from Shanghai to Jeju flights, also determine the escape trajectory from South Korea Liu fled to the United States, the pursuit of work is also carried out simultaneously. The police after more than two months of effort, Liu finally expressed their willingness to return to. August 31st, Liu returned home. Because it has been a positive attitude to cooperate with the police at the follow-up work, on the same day, Liu is lenient coercive measures bail. (Sina Finance Peng Suping Xu Min from Shanghai) into the [Sina Finance shares] discussion