76Guo Chuan team officially rescued the captain of the trimaran rescue is still no substantive progres|Guo Chuan team officially rescued the captain of the trimaran rescue is still no substantive progres9

Guo Chuan team officially rescued the captain of the three body Ship Search and rescue is still no real progress captain where are you? October 31st, Guo Chuan captain lost contact for seventh days. Xiamen ocean Ruian city yesterday morning from 5 to close to the expert group to predict the possible diversion of the waters of the sea, began searching for Guo Chuan, searched the whole day did not see traces. But Guo Chuan team is still working, French experts according to the moving direction of ocean currents and wind dynamic new in the morning and Sichuan team came to Guo Guo Chuan update is most likely to drift to the point. Ruian City, the captain of the ship received the news, and adjust the course, continue to search, but still did not find Guo chuan. Although the miracle has not yet appeared, but the team’s support for Xiamen, Sichuan ocean ocean, on the city of Ruian on these two days of painstaking search and rescue captain Ding and the crew sincerely grateful. At the same time, the Guo Chuan team has also traveled to Hawaii, the official launch of the trimaran rescue program, and in the search for a viable plan to search and rescue Guo Chuan. While continuing to search and rescue Guo Chuan, as soon as possible to rescue the captain’s favorite trimaran. Guo Chuan beloved trimaran, in fact, Guo lost contact with the same day, the Kawa team will be the first time and the ship’s eastern Qingdao tourism group to communicate the China Qingdao rescue plan. At present, there are only six Super trimaran in the world, which can control the trimaran’s professional sailing ship very few, not to mention the ordinary crew do not understand the sailing. Therefore, including the last of the Honolulu shore rescue team boarded the super trimaran is looking for Guo Chuan, Guo Chuan told the team to improve the matters needing attention. Marine search and rescue team boarded the trimaran work after the end of the search, but also in the French team of experts and Guo Chuan crew in the way of communication under the guidance of the distance, just down the mainsail, and change the sailing directions. Guo Chuan team also from this time, stop the three body ship tracking display, and hide the location of the trimaran, in order to avoid other vessels deliberately close to or damage the trimaran, to protect the implementation of the three rear ship rescue. Guo Sichuan has a fleet of two trimaran sails experienced French Quentin and Armand respectively in November 2nd and November 3rd will arrive in Hawaii. Quentin, who was one of the members of the fleet that last year, when he challenged the record of the Arctic Ocean, will be in charge of the ship. Armand will coincide with his work, the other two will rally later seaman. The goal is to get to the place of the trimaran in November 6th. Guo Chuan team will do its best to achieve the wishes of Captain Guo Chuan, "China Qingdao" back to Shanghai, back to Qingdao. (source: Guo Chuan navigation public number)