766 year old girl with her classmates make a contradiction by the other parents slap|6 year old girl with her classmates make a contradiction by the other parents slap5

6 year old girl with a classmate of trouble was the other parents slapping the original title: six year old baby with the students of trouble was the other parents slapping the girl was playing, nose bleeding, network picture of a primary school in Fengxian County of Xuzhou, two of the children were having some problems, but one of the parents rushed to the school, but to others home at the age of 6 the girl slapped the boy’s face, then leave fingerprints, nose bleeding. Yesterday, the police announced that the parents have been detained beatings. Modern express ZAKER reporter Li Weihao recently in Nanjing, a net post caused a large number of onlookers. Post users said, 6 year old cousin, because in the school and the students had a small contradiction, was beaten by the other parents, the nose was bleeding, crying non-stop. And afterwards, the batterer has gone away. According to the description of the user, it happened in the morning of September 21st. My aunt sent me to go to school, go back to the way to get a phone call from the teacher, said my cousin and the class a little bit of friction, parents in school, so my aunt to the office to go. She arrived at the office, he saw that the parents of the students at my cousin abused." According to the post friends, then the presence of several teachers and other parents kindly persuaded, but did not use. "My aunt mouth just advised her to calm down, who knows that the parents of the students and the crazy, lift to slap, my cousin’s face on the fan in the past, the child’s face immediately show fingerprints, nose bleeding." "Only 6 years old child, just read primary school grade one, how can bear her adult slap! My sister crying, aunt distressed straight tears, but her parents still let me also say he’s really not letting this go, aunt also try their children being bullied feeling. Later, the director arrived to stop the behavior of the parents." According to the post users to describe, in the case that we did not pay attention, beating parents leave school, no longer contact. After playing the child thing exposed, triggering hot friends. "What kind of a parent is it, what kind of mother is so extreme?" Many netizens accused batterer. Modern Express reporter learned that after the incident of beating the parents of students, Fengxian County police involved in the investigation, and found the batterer. Yesterday, the Fengxian County police release informed that in September 21st 8, Zhu Moumou (female, the parents of the students, 44 years old) in a primary school in Fengxian County teaching building in the office, because of a trivial beat a 6 year old girl in the school. According to the police, Zhu Moumou behavior has constituted assault others, according to the law of public security administration punishment forty-third, the police according to law to make its administrative detention for 10 days of punishment. Editor: Wei Jun