75Yanbian 7 days to play even if the game away from Tiexi, the whole body of the 3 – Sohu Sports|Yanbian 7 days to play even if the game away from Tiexi, the whole body of the 3 – Sohu Sports0

Yanbian 7 days to play even if the game away from Tiexi, the whole body of the 3? Sohu – Sports Super League twenty-sixth round will be in the afternoon 16 when the team started, Yanbian flight will be away at the Liaoning Hongyun team. At present, Yanbian flight 32 points, basic survival, and Liaoning Hongyun currently only 29 points, they expect to beat Yanbian in order to escape flight. Perhaps in order to find the former home court team Liaoning glory, especially their home court moved to Tiexi stadium, the reason is the original home court turf is not qualified, you know earlier this month the national team just here to finish the race, turf is actually an excuse. For this game, the Yanbian team and everyone thinks he has not yet completed the relegation task, so there is no reason to give up. The away game only got 1 wins and 2 draws, the rest lost, Yanbian flight is currently hundred-percent away. In this regard, Pu Taixia has a very clear understanding, yesterday’s pre match press conference before reporters to ask questions, he came to a full report: "the current situation from the integration point of view, the Liaoning team will fight to the death, with three points to avoid relegation. Despite our poor road record, but the Yanbian team also strive to win. Liaoning team temporarily replaced the home yesterday, more than we imagined. Liaozu must die to fight in the end, three points ahead of the relegation. After losing a game, we know how to prepare for our team on the road, not always in good road performance, the result of the game is by our attitude to decide, so we will be well prepared for the game." In fact, the Yanbian team also exist hidden trouble — the team within 7 days even play three games, physical impact on the players too much, Pu Taixia said: "the continuous play three matches in such a short time is a test for our team physical team, several major players cannot play, but it cannot the game does not become a good excuse. We still have to win the game, we are not ideal, but this is not a short-term problem can be solved, no matter what the outcome, I asked the players to fight hard on the court." For Pu Taixia there is a problem, is not to put the authentic defender Jin Hongyu and Han Xuan not, and often wrong defender midfielder Li Haojie guest in. New culture reporter Chen Tao