75Seven Xiamen women’s volleyball team at the peace Fairy – Sohu sports meet|Seven Xiamen women’s volleyball team at the peace Fairy – Sohu sports meet7

Seven Xiamen women’s volleyball | peace together to meet the fairy – Sports Sohu in Xiamen on Saturday, the women’s volleyball fans buddies can really be spoiled. China women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping Yuan Xinyue, Ding Xia and Xu Yunli in the women’s volleyball team debut in Xiamen, receive children’s furniture provided by the X.M.B Group Chairman Qiu Jiduan 5 million yuan bonus, at the same time to communicate with fans in Xiamen, deputy director of the Fujian Provincial Sports Bureau before China women’s volleyball coach Chen Zhonghe, Fujian women’s volleyball team, Wang Ziling Hou Ji ock veterans also invited to attend. Chinese women’s volleyball history two meritorious coach Lang Ping, Chen Zhonghe at the Rio Olympics the first time together, also let the activities more warm. Lang Ping, chairman of the Fujian X.M.B group, and the Chinese women’s volleyball coach, Beijing Normal University alumni, is also an old friend for many years. As a senior fans, in March 19th this year, Qiu Jiduan in Fujian to visit Zhangzhou training base, where the women’s volleyball training in preparation for the China. Qiu Jiduan said at the time, if the Chinese women’s volleyball team to win the Olympic Games in Rio, he will be given 5 million yuan of individual contributions, and sent in advance to prepare for the fund of $1 million. "From the beginning of 1992 to the present, the old gentleman of each group of players and coaches are very familiar with, he can not be called fans, is a semi expert." Lang Ping said, this is also a motivation for me and the players, do every day, do our best to repay those who support and encourage us to move forward. Faced with the presence of fans will think of winning the problem, Lang Ping said the outcome is not the most important, the most important thing is to play their own style and state. "Everyone has not given up, everyone has done a lot of effort, the communication between each other to give the team a powerful force, which is the most valuable." Lang Ping said. As a senior fans, Qiu Lao at the end of the special expression of the love of every Chinese women’s volleyball team is now the greatest expectations: very much hope that Lang led the Chinese women’s volleyball team to the Tokyo Olympic games." The audience applause.