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Brand chain large coffee Zhu Jianning officially joined as vice president, Bluebird sports figures – Sports Sohu recently, has just won the 30 million yuan financing Bluebird sports moves constantly, not only to build film culture, sports, sports and other financial intelligent hardware division, and win the favor of many talents, has served in the United States yum, Taiwan Dacheng Group, well-known brands such as Quan Jincheng brand chain coffee Zhu Jianning, officially announced to join the bluebird sports vice president in charge of brand chain development. The United States yum, Taiwan Dacheng Group, Jincheng right…… The enterprise has created him, he also achieved enterprise Zhu Jianning has many titles, from the president, brand consultant, business development director, planning director to coach, President, dream mentor, the different positions across many companies, if these titles printed together, lest the present nine cm wide, standard size seven name card cm high, not completely. In 2000, Zhu Jianning entered the hut development department, received a professional world food giant baptism. Yum has a mature self training system, in the meantime, Zhu Jianning access to market research, network planning, negotiation skills, financial budget, legal contracts and other subjects of training, then the domestic food industry is not the kind of professional teaching system, Zhu Jian Ning also became the first contact to the professional development of the staff. Subsequently, Zhu Jianning worked in Taiwan Dacheng Group Development Director, in charge of marketing work. Contains Dacheng Yonghe, Zeno, market development and other brands of coffee their contract negotiation, asset management etc.. Successively in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and other places have successfully set up shop. Zhu Jianning also served as the right of the Jincheng Group Vice President in charge of bathing and high-end club plate, responsible for enterprise brand strategy planning, brand development and market chain work right jincheng. In the strategic layout of Zhu Jianning quickly shop, Jincheng right do the largest bath chain stores, the brand expanded to 36 stores nationwide. From the major companies in the United States, in the study of management of enterprises in Taiwan, executives in the local enterprises, Zhu Jianning is Chinese School and, from the membership card system to the enterprise coaching technology, from the Internet thinking to financial capital leverage, where Zhu Jianning is. People will carry forward the enterprise, the enterprise will make people continue to precipitate and progress. In management, Zhu Jianning portrait of Zhu Jianning "brand chain" is the first contact Chinese brand chain management talents, enterprises in the brand management experience for many years of accumulation, follow these enterprises experienced difficult market development period, but also promote enterprises to create brilliant, in different periods have a deep grasp of management. In the early period of yum, Zhu Jianning to participate in Yum’s Pizza Hut multi-level expansion activities tide. Zhu Jianning saw the rapid rise of domestic small and medium-sized city and significantly improve the level of consumption, ZTE construction industry and real estate industry, the market will expand into the hut on small and medium-sized city. However, how to direct launch mode in the Chinese hot pizza hut, and how each stores 5 million