73Six points war! TEDA 4-0 Yatai Montero two ball Diyanie Jiangong (video)|Six points war! TEDA 4-0 Yatai Montero two ball Diyanie Jiangong (video)4

Six points war! Monteiro Diagne two goals Yatai TEDA 4-0 [information] TEDA home court battle meritorious Yatai Monteiro broke Murray Luo Zhongliang Tencent stiff sports in September 21st 2016 season of Super League eighteenth round of a game fight, Tianjin TEDA home court swept 4-0 Changchun Yatai, thirteenth minutes by TEDA corner manufacturing area civil war, Monteiro volley to break the deadlock. Twenty-seventh minutes moreiro kick ball, the ball hit the door beam. The second half Diagne manufacturing penalty, and personally hit sixty-third minutes Mengteluomei, two degrees, eighty-eighth minutes after Aiwona barbarian days pass in front of tuishe victory. The game finished, with Tianjin TEDA this victory, the body of the relegation pressure has eased a lot, while losing Changchun Yatai to avoid relegation, in addition to their own efforts but also hopes other relegation teams make mistakes. TEDA 4-0 Yatai game focus grab 3 points! TEDA get the key to avoid relegation win this match for both sides are not afford to lose the game, because Changchun Yatai ranked second, while the bottom fourth of Tianjin TEDA with each other only 4 points. So the game winner, will get an important bargaining chip in echelon. Interestingly, if it not only win TEDA relegation pressure will be eased, including Hangzhou Greentown, Shandong Luneng and Liaoning Hongyun will relax a lot. But ultimately the Jinmen tiger "to resist the pressure to get the victory. Fighting for tianjin! Yatai helpless defeat: this game Changchun Yatai how to win, we can from the Li Zhangzhu half to two for starters that. But it is a pity that Changchun Yatai still did not get a key victory, since the integration of the inferior, the game only to hold Li Zhangzhu to win the relegation of hope. However, a defeat, let Changchun Yatai disrupted pattern of relegation dreams dashed, while losing their relegation is a step closer. Lost + record was broken, Li Zhangzhu lost much: this game is the key to keep Changchun Yatai relegation hope game, but failed to take the victory of the Changchun Yatai, they need to pay more efforts to avoid relegation. But in addition to losing, Li Zhangzhu also personally ruined himself against an impressive record of Jinmen tiger ". When previously coached the Guangzhou Hengda, Tianjin TEDA played Li Zhangzhu four times and has gained the victory, and this game, let the Feng Tianjin win record solved. The moment thirteenth minutes before Diagne straight barbarian days, the latter from the right by the defender kicked out of the bottom line, after the TEDA corner, the ball was hit in a small area where the Yi goalkeeper, but the ball fell on the other side of the box in front of the Monteiro, Monteiro ball volley, the ball straight into the goal to break the deadlock, TEDA 1-0! Twentieth minutes, TEDA get frontcourt place kick opportunity, the ball was hanging in the box, Diagne Men before takeoff beat the defensive player of the header, the ball slightly higher. Twenty-fifth minutes, Morello seize the opportunity to Zannadinei not far long shots, the ball struck near the goal post to get out of the bottom line, then how to change Changchun Yatai super veteran Zhang Xiaofei. Twenty-seventh minutes, Morero kick the ball fast frontcourt place kick, hit the door beam up the bottom line, replays showed Yang)