73Shandong men’s basketball team responded to join Thompson bluntly still in the selection has not yet|Shandong men’s basketball team responded to join Thompson bluntly still in the selection has not yet9

Thompson joined the Shandong men’s basketball team responded bluntly is still in the selection of Beijing have not yet signed – Ji’nan Qilu network August 30th news (reporter intern reporter Xu Kaihua Mou Xiaofeng) according to foreign media news, the Shandong men’s basketball team has high speed and NBA players to complete the signing of Thompson Jason?. For this, the Shandong men’s basketball official response: temporarily did not complete the contract with Thompson, the big foreign aid is still in the selection, the club will soon be able to finalize the foreign aid finalized. Data shows, Jason? Thompson, born in July 1986, 2.11 meters tall and weighing 113 kg, in the 2008 NBA draft in the first round of the twelfth overall by the Sacramento King selected, after seven consecutive seasons as the king inside the main battle, the peak season averaged 12.5 points and 8.5 rebounds and 1 blocks. In 2015, Thompson has been traded to 76 people, the warriors, played in 28 Games on behalf of the warriors was cut during the March 2016 signing of the Raptors, only played 19 games, averaging 15.4 minutes to get 4.6 points and 4.2 rebounds. For Jason? Thompson joined the Shandong team’s Shandong team official responsible person told the Qilu network reporter interview said, "what a Thompson we have seen relevant reports, but now there is no sign that the foreign aid still choose, the club must hope to selecting the best, now still being investigated four or five candidates." Of course, for foreign aid to finalize the time, there are two months of the new season CBA League will start, "soon, in recent days, Thompson’s ability is good, there are several NBA players."