72Luneng difficult to break the law of the loss of the rule of Yang Xu reserve team state heat – Sohu |Luneng difficult to break the law of the loss of the rule of Yang Xu reserve team state heat – Sohu 7

Difficult to break the embarrassing loss law of Luneng dominated Yang Xu reserves heat – Sports Sohu 1-1 Monti Yatai Luneng goal celebration before the intermission of the two games opening accounts Luneng mode, has defeated R & F and TEDA, create one of their own laws, which is usually in the first half of the League lost the opponent, the second half win back. Please look at the specific time of the Luneng push (eat me to spit me out, half race lost four match second leg win, welcome to Luneng accounts). However, behind the accounts receivable mode in Luneng, there is another awkward spell, which is that in the last half of the League draw or win the match, the second half will not win. The second round of Liaoning Luneng 3:2, the second leg of the fourth round of Shenhua Luneng 0:0 1:1 0:1 fifth round second leg, Yanbian Luneng 3:1 1:2 ninth round second leg, Luneng 0:0 Yatai, the second round of 1:1 is also a fact has been set, Super League this season Luneng has been impossible to beat any team, do not know whether this is the first time in the history, it also shows the dominant decline. The reserve team Luneng dominance facing the same situation today, the Reserve League Luneng team 2:5 defeat Yatai, surprising. Luneng lineup is not bad, the goalkeeper is Han? Ze, Li Songyi and song dragon partner defender, Chen Zhechao and Wang Jiong as the fullback, and Tong Wang, Yang Xu and partner midfielder, attacking as the source of two strikers, Zhang Chen and Huangpu as a winger, there are many players in the Super League in the main squad than Yatai strong but, losing a large margin, the problems exposed thought-provoking. This reserve is the highlight of Yang Xu twice, did not know he can impress Majiate, get back in the team.