71Shandong kendiya victory single foreign aid Thompson 24+20 Ding 23 (video)|Shandong kendiya victory single foreign aid Thompson 24+20 Ding 23 (video)0

Shandong kendiya victory single foreign aid Thompson 24+20 Ding 23 single Shandong kendiya victory [foreign aid collection] Shandong 103-88 Jiangsu Tao Hanlin 27+8 Shandong sports Tencent in November 20th two in a row, 2016-17 CBA regular season in the ninth round, single foreign aid Shandong team in the home court to beat 103-88 Jiangsu kendiya team won 2 straight home court. Technical statistics (click to view full statistics) the game Shandong team 3 26 shots only in 6, but the team in rebounding 49-43 advantage, assists to lead 19-13. Personal data, the Shandong team 3 players 20+, 17 shots Tao Hanlin scored 27 points and 8 rebounds in 13, Thompson had 24 points and 20 rebounds, 5 assists, Ding Yan Yu Hang 23, Sui ran 11 points and 7 assists, 9 Yang points and 7 rebounds 3 assists and 3 steals Jiangsu kendiya; team scored in double figures 4, Brooks had 25 points and 11 rebounds and 5 assists, Samuels 19 points and 9 rebounds, 12 points and 6 rebounds Yi Li 4 assists, Chang Linzhu 10 points. After the game focus of the field, the two teams CBA history of a total of 52 times, the Shandong team to take advantage of 28 wins and a slight loss of 24. Shandong, a small team of foreign aid Cole injury due to injury. The first section of the game after the start of the game, the Shandong team by Thompson layup to get two points, but Brooks and Yi Li have hit 3 points, Jiangsu kendiya team played a 13-3 wave of attacks on the 13-5 start, leading to get away. Ding Yanyu Airlines immediately to a ball, then Ding Yan Yu Hang also hit 3 points, the Shandong team back attack wave 13-3 has lead to 18-16. Yang Li hit 3 points after the Shandong team leading to 25-18, Tao Hanlin dunk with both hands, the Shandong team ahead in the first competition ended with 29-23 home court. The second section of the game after the opening of the Jiangsu kendiya team with double foreign aid offensive soon will narrow the difference, Samuels throws 1 balls after Jiangsu kendiya only team to 30-31 behind, but after the Shandong team repeatedly broken the ball, this section there are 7 minutes and 34 seconds Yang force throws two balls after the Shandong team to 41-30 for the first time in two the leading figures, Thompson layup after the Shandong team finished the wave 14-0 offensive after the one leading by 15 points. Yi Li with a "2+1" is an utterly inadequate measure, Shandong team has maintained about 15 leading. Cao Fei hit the buzzer half shot, the first half of the match ended the Shandong team in the home court to take a 58-43 lead Jiangsu kendiya team. Thompson scored 19 points in the first half. Tao Hanlin scored 3 points in the second half after the game, this section there are 9 minutes and 58 seconds Ding Yan Yu Hang the bottom left side of the ball hit 3 points, the Shandong team played 6-0 after the start of this section is leading by 21 points to 64-43. Jiangsu kendiya double foreign aid team together to play a wave of 7-0 team to 50-64 behind. Sui ran cast succeeded, then Li Jingyu also received Yang force the ball to hit 3 points, the Shandong team to 70-50 to obtain 20 points ahead. Brooks hit two record 3 points in time for the team to stop bleeding, Jiangsu kendiya team to a 15-2 attack)