71Data to see Lippi bring change the number of shots turned 3 times + ball control rate rose by 20%|Data to see Lippi bring change the number of shots turned 3 times + ball control rate rose by 20%7

Data Lippi brings over 3 times the number of shot + ball rate rose 20% Feng Xiaoting comforted Jiang Zhipeng sina sports 0-0 regret draw, Lippi coached the 12 day China men although not able to bring a victory in the hope that the majority of fans, but on the pitch tonight’s show to the tactical level and want to win, including spirit, fighting spirit, or to let all the fans feel gratified. Perhaps, as Lippi promised before the game, he can not guarantee that the foot of the country from Qatar to get 3 points, but we must let you see the team in the scene changes. With their own knowledge and understanding of Chinese football, after taking office, the Italian quickly announced the preparation of the game with Qatar’s 25 National People’s Congress list. From this list, we saw a loud voice before Cao Yunding, Zheng Zhi and other players impressively, but in the first few races of poor play players are logical unsuccessful, Lippi’s first choice players in bold is reflected. Did not delay the day of training, personally guided, even if it is just to arrange the obstacles on the training ground to operate their own, Lippi did bring too much to the national foot. After tonight’s game, the opening, the Orangemen demonstrated a strong ability to control the game, especially Zheng Zhi, Wu Xi, Zhang Xizhe, Huang Bowen and other midfielder super dominance, once let rivals Qatar team no way. Compared to the previous no tricks, it will only pass Chongtiao cooperation between players and short tonight was increased several times, in front of a ball can even allow fans to sigh — we really haven’t seen such a Chinese team. But after the discovery of wing opponents loopholes, frequent and resolutely fight each other’s weakness for the team also created more threat to. The first 4 matches of the national football data and Qatar race data through the data we can easily find that the national foot tonight completed a total of 22 foot shot, this data is far ahead of the opponent’s 10. Want to win, the goal is the fundamental, if a team did not even have the opportunity to shoot the game, it also talk about how to grab points. You know, in the top 12 games before the game, the Chinese team shot the field is only for the 6.8 time this evening, the national foot of this data will be increased by nearly 3 times the. Although not able to get a goal, but even before the opportunity to create the tragic fact that the country is not enough to make people excited tonight. If it wasn’t for bad luck, the first win of the 12 games might have arrived. Another allows people to be happy with the data reflected in the ball control rate, tonight, the national ball control rate as high as 62%, far more than the first 4 games average ball rate of nearly 20 percentage points. To make people feel more commendable is that the National Football Stadium tonight I use in depth, in front of several came straight ball let people see the old man on the transformation of Italy national football technical and tactical level, to see his tactics give priority to with me, this is a strong team or to become one good team must have temperament. The distance between the players closer, more cooperation between the players, the success rate of passing a matter of course