70Afternoon newspaper exposure Messi ban 60 million front tyrant|Afternoon newspaper exposure Messi ban 60 million front tyrant5

MIDI: exposure Messi blocked 60 million Feng BA in recent years, Messi I Karl Di has blocked the Argentina national team selected Messi exposure blocked Argentina Feng Ba 60 million: dare to rob my brother’s girlfriend > > details of Argentina TV a named "Final Debate" reality show "Yishouzhetian puliao," Messi, in recent years the famous striker I Karl Di has blocked the Argentina national team selected. So, now the price has soared to 60 million pounds of international Milan ACE ACE, so far in the blue army only a record of 8 minutes.   exposure plan: 48 New World Cup team of 16 seed lost 1 home > > the possibility of details of 2026 World Cup expansion looks more and more, FIFA chairman Hussein Van Tino said that the members of the military expansion program "positive response", and the specific program has been submitted to the relevant. Hussein Van Tino said earlier, the world cup are the two most important military programs were expanded to 40 teams and 48 teams, he is more inclined to the latter, the 48 teams in the world cup.   Jersey sponsorship list: Barcelona 105 million row of Manchester United Real Madrid only fifth > > details with a season of sponsorship revenue of $105 million, Barcelona Jersey has become the world’s most expensive jerseys in the world of. Spain’s daily sports news reported that in May this year, relying on an agreement with Nike, Barcelona Jersey became the world’s most valuable jerseys. The contract will take effect from this summer and will continue until the 2027-28 season.   C Luo unforgettable love? To Elena Luxiong as point like love is you > > details of the last few days, in the Instagram, C Ronaldo for Elena praise, prompting media curiosity and speculation, the two person is not already broken? What’s the latest trend?   Argentina’s wife: SMS exposure how to dig up a yacht teammate > > details of the latest autobiography, Milan international striker I Karl Di disclosed that he and his wife, Wanda Nora fell in love with, and at the time, Nora is his team friend Maxi Lopez’s wife. Icardi and Lopez had also played Sampdoria in the process along, Lopez and his wife Nora ogle. In 2013, Nora left the decline in Lopez on the court, and rising star I Karl Di to be, in the book, I Karl Di disclosed the details.   British media exposure Ibrahimovic two he joined Manchester United Youth star studded Red Devils two generation > > details according to the British "sun" of the news media, the two sons of Ibrahimovic, the 10 year old Marx and 8 year old Vincent has joined the club’s Academy, they will follow the United Youth team coach the training together.   MANSANO will officially respond to the national football coach Gao Hongbo and coach will transfer rumors > > details of yesterday afternoon, China Football Association held a media;