702016 Table Tennis Championship Malone, led by the five Olympic champion Zhang Jike|2016 Table Tennis Championship Malone, led by the five Olympic champion Zhang Jike7

2016 Table Tennis Championships list: Malone Zhang Jike led the five Olympic champion Malone Zhang Jike and Phoenix sports news Beijing on September 7th news recently, the 2016 national table tennis championship players list is announced, Zhang Jike, Malone, Ding Ning, led by Liu Shiwen and Xu Xin of the 5 Rio Olympic champion. National table tennis championship is the highest level of domestic table tennis tournament, a year. This year’s national championships attracted a total of 306 singles and 208 doubles players. Rio Olympic Games won the table tennis gold medal in the 6 Olympic champions, only Li Xiaoxia did not enter the competition. According to the "Olympic Sports Online reports:" Malone will play a game 4 – singles, alongside Wang Chuqin and Ding Ning doubles, mixed doubles and team. Zhang Jike on behalf of the Shandong team to play singles and group games, Shanghai, Xu Xin also only participate in singles and team games. Liu Shiwen played singles and partner Lin Gaoyuan on behalf of the Guangdong team played mixed doubles. Olympic substitutes Fan Zhendong and Zhu Yuling, respectively, on behalf of the people’s Liberation Army and the Sichuan team played 4 games. Announced on the list of coaches and coaches, Wang Tao and Wang Hao continue to serve as the PLA team leader and coach. The rest are Dai Lili, Qiu Yike, Guo Yan, Ma Lin and many other star coach. There are rivers and lakes rumors: Chinese table tennis strength is too strong, coupled with the number of domestic players, making the entire gold medal tournament is higher than the world championships! The Beijing Olympic Games of the championship, the 20 year old Zhang Jike will rise again! Wang Liqin and Ma Lin have won the singles title after winning the Olympic games. Since then, the first battle of the high flying Zhang Jike has won the London Olympic Games and the Rio Olympic Games runner up, the Chinese table tennis team to become a man of god"! 2016 National Table Tennis Championships will be held on -28 in Malone, Liaoning, Anshan. (South)