6Zhang Chunxian met with Yang Jie, general manager of China Telecom group, a line – local leaders – P|Zhang Chunxian met with Yang Jie, general manager of China Telecom group, a line – local leaders – P

Zhang met with Yang Jie, general manager of China Telecom Group, a – local leaders – People’s network on the afternoon of the 26th, Xinjiang Uyghur) Autonomous Region People’s government with China Telecom Group Company in Urumqi signed "45" strategic cooperation framework agreement. The next five years, the China Telecom group will invest 30 billion yuan, to accelerate the construction of information technology in Xinjiang. Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Party Secretary of the autonomous region Zhang Chunxian met with the day to attend the signing ceremony of the China Telecom, general manager of the company Yang Jie line. Zhang Chunxian said at the meeting, the China Telecom and the Xinjiang have a good foundation for cooperation, the two sides have long complementary advantages, cooperation and win-win, and achieved a lot of practical results. During 12th Five-Year, the two sides also signed a cooperation agreement, the China Telecom to implement the relevant content, and over the completion of the task. This further clarify the "13th Five-Year" cooperation, I believe it will be better. Zhang Chunxian pointed out that the Autonomous Region Party committee, the government attaches great importance to the construction of information. Since the first time the central work conference in Xinjiang, the autonomous region put forward "synchronous" strategy, informatization is one of the very important parts. Hope China Telecom follow the process of modernization in Xinjiang, to use information technology to support Xinjiang economic development entities, to continue to provide information support for the development of various undertakings in Xinjiang; continuous reform and innovation, with the development of informatization to promote the construction of the core area of the Silk Road Economic Zone, accelerate the pace of opening to the outside world in Xinjiang, and actively explore the international market; information construction and peace in Xinjiang, agriculture and animal husbandry modernization combined, in the basis of the existing achievements further promote Xinjiang innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing development. Autonomous regions and relevant departments should strengthen coordination and cooperation with the China Telecom, and earnestly implement the cooperation matters. Yang Jie said, the China Telecom attaches great importance to strengthening the information construction in Xinjiang, in the group "13th Five-Year" plan, proposed to combine "The Belt and Road" strategy, to help the Xinjiang construction Silk Road Economic Belt core area. In the future, the China Telecom will further deepen the transformation, deepening reform, Xinjiang as an important information technology base, to fully implement the contents of the two sides cooperation agreement. According to the autonomous region and China Telecom signed a cooperation agreement, 45 period, China Telecom will be put into 300 billion yuan of funds, vigorously promoting the construction of Internet information infrastructure, implementation of the "Internet + peace" Xinjiang "Internet + people" Internet + industry etc. eight information project, to accelerate the pace of informatization development in Xinjiang. Yang Jie in the signing ceremony said that China Telecom will also actively to networking, cloud computing, data and other information technology to promote Xinjiang new industries, new formats and vigorous development, the full power of the economic development of Xinjiang, structure optimization, power conversion. And increasing the input of resources, pay close attention to the implementation and project landing, and strive to during 45 to promote Xinjiang communications information service ability to a new level, so that the modern communication and information technologies can benefit in more industries and the masses of all ethnic groups. Autonomous Region Party committee, deputy secretary of the, Autonomous Region Chairman Xuekelaiti? Zucker in the signing ceremony said, hope China Telecom Group this cooperation agreement signed as an opportunity, to further accelerate the high speed optical fiber network construction in Xinjiang, adhere to the people’s livelihood priorities, fill.