6Uses Of Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate In India|Uses Of Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate In India

Finance Digital Signature became the most powerful tool to provide security during the electronic transaction over the unprotected network. It is used to ensure the safe, secure, transparent and quick transaction over the Internet. It can be easily integrated with all type of electronic authentication system. The digital signature contains the electronic marks by which identity of the user is digitally recognized by electronic devices like computer, tablets and mobile. A special type of electronic USB token is used to apply digital signature on a computer. It contains a certificate that having the information of user and the certification authority. Whenever this Digital Signature Certificate is used to authenticate an authorized user, a time stamp is also stored in the database. Thus one cannot deny from the activities done by him using DSC. The DSC is separated into three types on the basis of their usage. These are Class 2, Class 3 and DGFT. There are a lot of usages of Class 2 DSC are defined which is briefly described below. Income tax return e-filing The department of income tax has mandated to use Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate for those taxpayers business man whose annual income is more than 1 Crore. The professional like lawyers, doctors, engineers, charted accountants and others are also comes in this category if there annual income is more than 25 lakhs. MCA ROC e-filing In order to set-up a company or LLP (Limited Liability Partnership), one should need to apply in MCA-ROC (i.e. Ministry of Corporate Affairs Registrar of Companies). Nowadays, this process is being performed on the website of MCA. All kinds of documents are submitted through online e-filing using Class 2 DSC. Form 16/16A e-signing It is also used to sign the Form 16/16A electronically. Form 16/16A is necessary to fill the form who has to pay TDS to Income tax departments. Provident fund account transfer To transfer the account of Employee Provident Fund from one company to another, you need to use a Digital Signature Certificate class 2. It is mandated by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization to use DSC to provide security and transparency. E-tendering Most of the e-tendering organization prefers Class 3 DSC but some of them are still using Class 2 DSC for transaction over internet. D-Vat To pay the Delhi VAT Tax, Class 2 DSC signing only is used to recognize the authorized tax payer. Thus transactions become transparent. Approach the E-Solutions to acquire all classes of DSC. It is a reliable Digital Signature Provider in Delhi . About the Author: – – – – – – – – – –