6Two men to drive up the fraud by the police ran more than 30 meters – in Beijing|Two men to drive up the fraud by the police ran more than 30 meters – in Beijing

Unlicensed BMW open two men fraud is to recognize drive against the police ran more than 30 meters – the new network fraud suspects driving a BMW car] Reporter Lin Fang correspondent Lv Bin graph newspaper news, car engine cover is lying with a person, also accelerated run more than 30 meters. At noon on March 29th, in the city of Sanmenxia Xiaoshan Road, the breathtaking scene frightened many people passing by. After the Sanmenxia Municipal Public Security Bureau confirmed that the car is actually fled personnel fraud, in the passers-by on the implementation of fraud, plainclothes police found confusion drove to escape. While the body is pulled, the Sanmenxia Municipal Public Security Bureau police Liu Jia. After the suspect fraud driving to escape, the police used the body to stop in March 30th, the river newspaper reporter saw the police Liu Jia. Person told reporters that the Xiaoshan Road Pearl store was something out of his way, and in the non motor vehicle lanes, parked a car unlicensed white BMW car, right after the door stood a young girl. Scene, two young men are not getting off the bus, but the conductor next to the young girl, so that the operation on the phone. "I’ve been in the Case Investigation Brigade, encountered a similar report, feeling is likely to commit fraud." Liu Jia told reporters, see this situation, he did not first time to come forward, but in the side of the observation, because of fear of girls transfer, or directly on the train, Liu Jia decided to go forward to ask. Do not want to, just out of the police card, asked to accept the inspection, the car on the two look immediately changed, shake the car glass ready to flee. And at this time, Liu Jia has been from the side of the car to stand in front of the car, with the body to block the car. Police lying on the engine cover was on the top line of more than 30 meters however, driver therefore did not stop, but a direct hit, Liu had to quickly grasp the hood, lying in the car, and motioned in the vicinity of the masses alarm, BMW has been traveling more than 30 meters, until the police Xiaoshan brigade of two police from place after before it stopped. After Liu Jia, in association with the two people arrested, Liu Jia also no harm. After the trial, two per capita for the Anhui people, posing as Singapore overseas Chinese has just returned and other reasons, the implementation of fraud on the roadside. At present, two people xingju. At the same time, Liu Jia also through the newspaper to remind readers, some fraud suspects often targeting young women sheshi not deep, posing as "Singaporeans" "Hong Kong people" special status, to "mobile phone is out of power" and "need to borrow it from a bank card remittance and other reasons, the fraud victims cash, mobile phone, bank cards and other items. To cheat money, they will find a variety of excuses and reasons, and even promised to eat, buy gifts and so on, so when you encounter a stranger involved in money, do not be careless. Do not easily believe that other people’s one-sided word, should always be vigilant. Clues provided by Zhang Lei