6The women’s parking lot was a shock of kidnapping perpetrators posing as officers were found|The women’s parking lot was a shock of kidnapping perpetrators posing as officers were found

Women’s parking field being shock kidnapping crime impostor officer is to recognize a woman in my circle of friends said he encountered a kidnapping. January 18th, the victim said the kidnapping of the location of the site in the IFS negative 4 floor underground parking lot. Underground parking lot and parked the car just open the door, suddenly two pairs of strong arm will she tightly hold, moments of the current, let her feel dizzy, almost lost consciousness. She is struggling, cries echoed in the huge parking lot. At this time, the mall security rushed over, a man pulled out an officer, said in the implementation of the task, the woman forced to take away…… I like the movie "rescue" the plot of mr.. Fortunately, the woman was rescued by security and police in a timely manner. Woman with a mobile phone to shoot the wrist injuries, sent to the circle of friends. The news was quickly spread crazy. We can not believe that this scene actually occurred in Chengdu’s most bustling sections of the IFS shopping mall parking lot. Circle of friends crazy woman IFS car park was kidnapped "we have seen the" rescue me, mr.! Yesterday I was kidnapped, like the plot of the movie, I’ve just been lucky, met two novice, not very cruel, flashlight voltage doesn’t make my corona, gave me the opportunity to distress and fight, to be plainclothes police saved… " 18, one such circle of friends in the network crazy pass. The message also allotted a few pictures, is the hands of multiple shock and fight struggle wounded traces. Screenshot shows the time of the incident was about 1:30 in the afternoon 17. The woman is also described in detail was hijacked scenario: criminals is through the telephone number breakthrough ID password positioning, said to be tracking me for several days. When genius decided to start with. I just opened the door, the feet are also step out, it was two people pressed…… Is the Chunxi Road district during peaceful times, many people of the IFS underground parking lot, shock? Handcuffs? Lift the car directly? The scary circumstances of people gasped, then this thing is true? A man claiming to be a friend of the parties said there is the matter, the parties are IFS brand employees, the car parked in the parking lot to go to work, did not expect such a thing happened." Witnesses said the woman had been shouting "help me!" On the 18th at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, West China Metropolis Daily reporter came to the incident mall 4th floor parking field, bright and spacious parking lot vehicle and often, from time to time, shopping mall security, cleaning personnel patrol, clouds of surveillance cameras everywhere. But the mention of the robbery, the staff are very cautious, and do not want to disclose more. Chat, a staff on duty said that 17 afternoon about half a point parties open an Audi car, just stop, do not know where to jump out of the two men, press and hold the woman, first with the stun rod hit her, also took out a pair of handcuffs, handcuffed her hands, and then directly to the people up to the car plug. "When the woman was conscious, has been struggling, I heard she is weak to shout ‘help me! Help me! " Now think of all feel afraid!" To hear the sound of help, the security patrol ran past. Two men tough attitude, one of which also took out a military officer