6The snowman together occupy the circle of friends friends called cold Snowman – Sohu news Standard S|The snowman together occupy the circle of friends friends called cold Snowman – Sohu news Standard S

Snowman together cold occupied circle of friends friends called specification standard Snowman – Sohu News Kunming harbor news reporter Sun Hongliang Zhou Zhiyu 24, 22 provincial capital cities nationwide temperature record low since the winter. The overlord class cold let the guy partners spent the coldest winter weekend, suffered the ravages of road closures, traffic, water supply, small partners the enthusiasm to make a snowman. Naive fat pig, domineering aliens, identification of Altman, wear the wig siren cake skirt, bedecked in Jewelry Pocket Snowman…… Each one has its own merits piled in different poses and with different expressions. But there are not fit to be seen, like this. The ugly you feel gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind. In the face of all kinds of elegant bone snowman, snowman friends called standard specification. Height greater than 2 meters and weighing more than 500 pounds, head is equivalent to the size of 6.5 a human head, the body can be subjected to car 100 Minay speed impact deformation. At the same time, the snowman after molding can keep within 2 months without melting. Do not meet the above criteria can not be called a snowman, can only be considered a snowball. 100 step too fast, I can not bear to. Standards of what is not important, the life of the first. As steady as a rock. To go to hell with the standard, luxurious interior to meet my temperament. Standard Snowman this is what I have seen the most stay sprouting of the snowball, and said. According to the China Weather Network News, with the main cold air southward during the day yesterday, the northern region took the lead in opening to pick up the pace. During the day there will be more places to bid farewell to the cold weekend, have joined the ranks of the warming, the Middle East Department generally increase 4-6 degrees Celsius. Is expected this week in the latter part of the cold wave will be completely ended, temperatures in most areas will also rise to the earlier than normal normal or slightly higher level, bid farewell to the national the cold weekend North first to pick up. The North’s Snowman immediately to the south of the flower, buddy, are you ready for the cold air! To pick up, dude, how do you see? The weather is warmer, and it’s a direct scare. Drunken people. Pig brother has been ready to heat up. Take the line, not welfare map.