6Taiyuan police in 2015 26 evil forces group destruction 5 foreign fugitives were arrested in Beijing|Taiyuan police in 2015 26 evil forces group destruction 5 foreign fugitives were arrested in Beijing

Taiyuan public security by the year 2015: 26 the evil forces of group destruction five foreign fugitives arrested – in the new network in Taiyuan, January 22 (song Lichao) 22, reporters from, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province Public Security Bureau was informed, by 2015, Taiyuan police cracked criminal cases, arrested members of the crime, investigate and deal with cases of public security, investigate and deal with illegal personnel number all increased, "Underworld" "Chengzhongcun" governance and many other work experience in Shanxi Province to get a promotion. Data show that in fox hunting action. The successful arrest, advised back five at large overseas criminal suspects, including the Ministry of public security B escapee a; in the "Underworld" action, there are 26 black evil forces crime group destruction. According to reports, 2015, Taiyuan City cracked criminal cases, arrested members of the crime, investigate and deal with law and order the number of cases investigated and dealt with illegal personnel number respectively, an increase of 8.0%, 5.1% and 46.3%, 33.1%; city’s economic crime detection number, number of suspects arrested respectively over the same period increased by 25.1%, 99.24%, to restore economic losses of more than 700 million yuan. From the beginning of October 19, 2015, Taiyuan city public security organs deployed to carry out the order to the streets of clean-up campaigns, to freely distribute small ads, hailed the begging, selling items such as affecting public safety and city image, people strongly reflect the order in the streets to carry out centralized regulation. On the one hand, strengthen inter departmental cooperation, increase the position of cleaning and remediation, investigate and deal with illegal production, post, distribute small ads illegal personnel 116 people, effectively purify the social environment. On the other hand, seize the clues, digging deep scrutiny, the destruction of forgery and selling fake invoices black dens 6, criminal detention of 17 people, 1 people online pursuit, seized a large number of counterfeiting tools and finished products, semi-finished products. At the same time, the police strictly implement the "no gun" work. 2015, Taiyuan City investigated a total of 326 cases of illegal fireworks cases, 169 penalties for illegal workers, and seized fireworks 2083 cases, advised flame retardant fireworks behavior 1369 onwards, cash bonus report 9600 yuan, Liuhe District comprehensive "ban on burning. Legislation has been enacted. "Crime crackdown". In a destroyed evil forces and criminal gangs, deep black evil power umbrella, black evil forces to eradicate the breeding ground for the target, cast a wide net, digging deep scrutiny, playing early dozen small, evils. Since the operation, a total of 26 evil forces destroyed criminal gangs, of which 2 crimes of social nature, the evil forces of 24 criminal gangs, arresting 232 suspects, cracked 254 cases of criminal cases. Taiyuan city in April 2015 to start the transformation project. Taiyuan police 54 villages for demolition and renovation, to build 3 lines of defense, guarantee the smooth progress of reform. The masses are strongly involved in the evil Mafia, pornography and other security issues have been effectively curbed. (end)