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Ma Chi, 28 years old, is a financial institution staff, after tax monthly income of 3500 yuan, in addition to the end of the bonus of about 30 thousand yuan. My girlfriend is graduates, the staff members of institutions, the monthly income of 3500 yuan after tax, companies have to pay five social insurance and one housing fund. Currently two people are ready to buy marriage room. Two people living expenses 2000 yuan a month. Have a current deposit of 10 thousand yuan, 200 thousand yuan of deposits. The young couple quasi plans next year to buy a set of large-sized apartment houses, Shoufu is expected to 200 thousand yuan, and after this banquet.

[financial goals]

Please give

a professional financial advisor financial help, do to achieve marriage banquet, plans to buy a house.

[financial analysis and recommendations]

< p > Mr. Ma and his girlfriend’s monthly income in general, more savings, but consider to next year to about 20 million yuan Shoufu and banquet, income and savings alone is not enough. Therefore, it is suggested that the appropriate investment can be carried out to obtain a doubling of the proceeds. In addition, when buying a house, the use of provident fund loans to the way, two people are enough to pay for the loan and daily expenses, the pressure is not.


set aside family reserve gold

< p > financial planner analysts believe that Mr. Ma, who currently live and work are relatively stable, parents healthy, set aside 12000 yuan deposit enough, deposit of 20 million yuan can disperse investment, such as configuration monetary fund, bond fund and investment stock type funds for medical, military and consumer.

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plan to buy the house feast< p >
Mr. Ma next year to buy a house to get married, then pre main task is to save money, usually do rational consumption, do not waste every penny. Secondly, the monthly balance of 4000 yuan can be fully utilized, configure the month investment advice, assuming that the annual rate of return of 6.8%, the monthly fixed investment, to the end of the year the principal revenue totaling 51264 yuan. Also to obtain a high yield with the investment tools, such as: 20 million yuan can spread the investment in bond funds and stock, assuming a 10% annual yield, the yield to maturity of 22000 yuan, through the investment to won the higher returns. So next year Mr Ma basically are save enough down payment funds and banquet of funds, the remaining funds to buy a house can use provident fund loans to. For next year to do wedding banquet, suggest not too luxurious, not too much to pursue those material things, wedding ring does not necessarily have to maximum, a wedding photo doesn’t have to be the most luxurious, the banquet of tobacco doesn’t have to be best and so on, all according to their own economic strength, more cannot borrow and loan to apply for a banquet, no >