6Peking express talented woman is the new network – energy illusion|Peking express talented woman is the new network – energy illusion

"North express talented woman" is a positive energy illusion – Beijing North express talented woman is positive energy illusion one which had not afraid of famous pig afraid of strong "in, overnight is called a generation of people’s dream. But after the alleged fabrication of academic credentials "North Sichuan, Shifang girl" Xu Lu said: I do not want the red net. Before the reports about his record description is rather legendary: since 2000, she was admitted to the Peking University Department of journalism. After graduating from give up CCTV 9 sets of jobs, has in the well-known technology companies and real estate companies, the highest monthly salary of 20000 yuan. But because of marriage in 2010 to leave Beijing back home in Shifang, after the choice to do express. Just did not expect the story turned too fast, after being friends with the University of Journalism and communication in 2000 did not set up, Xu Lu admitted that she is the 2004 adult education upgraded to enter Beijing university. Just now, is playing a question mark "legend" become the Deyang city "38 red banner pacesetter" factor. However, regardless of the "North talented woman" can squeeze many water, it has exposed the social values without sense. After the fabrication of academic credentials exposure, the courier company leaders also specifically call up Xu Lu, especially to illustrate this point. In recent years, similar to blending, or even fictional "touching" story It is often seen. Like many red, in order to become famous fabricated lies parents, sick, dying, even after being exposed, if in exchange for fame expense. And the details of the failure, if it is just some of the sense of the value of the sense of the person, in fact, it is not too much. The transition period full of opportunities, so there are a variety of unconventional people will A new force suddenly rises. Red net are fictional story inspired many people, "the talented woman" just put this paradigm transplantation to the next line. They create an illusion of "positive energy" to the society. Han Fudong (media)