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Hebei Yongqing "land bank" let farmers "dividends" – Politics – People’s network 24, 76 year old Zhou Shuhua received 15000 yuan land bonus. " He is Hebei Yongqing Economic Development Zone hempseed Zhuang village, five years ago to own five and a half acres of land shares "land bank". Hand clutched the money, wreathed in smiles of Zhou Shuhua and journalists forget such a sum of accounts: "before corn, peanut, an acre of land net income also more than 500 pieces of money. Since the "land bank", we have two old 100 yuan per person per month subsidy. This year is a stake of sixth years, there are more than 10 thousand dividend. You say, what kind of land shares to get good?" "Making dividend" to farmers hanlaobaoshou. 2015, a total of 1680 farmers enjoy the benefits of shares, the hand of the hand of the dividend on the 45 million yuan. As of the end of 2015, Yongqing Economic Development Zone has 86% of the farmers in the land bank". Land shares is how to return a responsibility? That was from ten years ago. March 2006 Yongqing by the open area (formerly known as Taiwan Yongqing Industrial Park) was built, 7.59 square kilometers of land in the planning area is poor, a lot of arable land per capita, but operating income is low. I heard only by the open area, farmers are happy. According to the conventional practice, farmers can get the land requisition compensation. A lifetime of farming farmers suddenly got hundreds of thousands, in addition to banks, there is no other way to make money "". Double camp village Party Secretary Li Ruilin for heavy-hearted. Allow farmers to take a one-time compensation, or to the long-term protection of farmers? "At that time, we had a bold idea, the establishment of a land bank to help farmers unified management of land." Yongqing, the District Secretary of the work committee, the CMC director Yang Huabin, after full investigation and planning, 2011 Taiwan land bank established through the right to the contracted management of land circulation, the planning area collective land of share-holding system to transform, to concentrate on the land trust management. "According to at that time the land requisition price, with per mu compensation is 3.2 million yuan, also can put money land bank shares, the dividend per acre year can get 1792 yuan. Five years of dividends rose, this year is the sixth year, rose to 2292 yuan per mu. This is not, the light is the 2015 dividend on the hair for 10 days, 45 million of it. Farmers after posting, think the land beneficially!" Witnessed the change of five years, the island land bank staff Cang Hong Zhi very touching. Yang Huabin said: "by professional investment company to farmers money paid for shares to invest in robust and security of commercial property, farmers receive is’ sit ‘gold shops, a shop to support three generations, so as to ensure the stability of the annual income. Shares of land bank, the annual comprehensive income of farmers for an acre of land about 3000 yuan." The healthy development of park is the springhead of land bank steady growth of revenue. As of the end of 2015, Yongqing has signed a total contract for more than 670 garment production enterprises, built and built in 60 enterprises. 5 000 stalls clothing wholesale market, hundreds of thousands of the working population, let Yongqing through the open area of vibrant, with rural Park – city "is characterized