6Foreign media China and Egypt will sign billions of dollars in investment and trade agreement|Foreign media China and Egypt will sign billions of dollars in investment and trade agreement

Foreign media: Egypt will sign billions of dollars in investment and Trade Agreement [global network comprehensive report] according to the BRIC countries post "reported on January 19, Chinese President Xi Jinping visit to Egypt, the bilateral trade representative will sign billions of dollars in investment and trade agreements. Reported that the Egyptian President Sethi (Fattah el-Sisi Abdel) visit to China a year later, Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit Cairo in January 20th. Sino Egyptian relations or will be upgraded to a comprehensive strategic partnership". In September this year is expected to be Cecilia VIP status to go to Beijing to attend the G20 summit. Reported that the 19 day China trade delegation has arrived in Cairo for preparation of agreement, it is reported that including a memorandum of understanding in Egypt China "The Belt and Road" economic cooperation strategy. Cecilia said that Egypt is an extremely important strategic position, is the gateway to a portal in the African and Arab countries. Therefore, Egypt will become an important part of the new silk road. Reported that the two sides trade negotiations or to promote further cooperation in the field of infrastructure construction, nuclear power plants, new energy, finance and other fields. In addition, Egypt would like to seek 16-17 billion dollars in loans to China, it is reported that the central bank will get $1 billion, while the remaining loans will be distributed to Egypt’s other two major banks. China Egypt relations experts predict that the loan or the Asian infrastructure investment bank has just opened to provide. After the founding of new China, Egypt was the first African country to establish diplomatic relations with China and Arabia. 1999, Egypt became the first to establish a strategic partnership with China Arabia and African countries. Reported that the cooperation between the two sides mainly focused on six aspects: political mutual trust, mutual support, the pragmatic cooperation and promote exchanges and cooperation, strengthen anti-terrorism cooperation in law enforcement and security and promote cultural and tourism exchanges, and other areas. In addition, the two sides also support cooperation in international and regional affairs. El Sewedy Ahmed, chairman of the China Business Council, said earlier that China wants to increase investment in Arabia and Africa, which requires that China must first invest in Egypt in the middle of the country. 2014, China invested a total of $500 million in Egypt, to create more than 3 thousand jobs for the local. Editor: Chen Chen SN225