6Facebook Force push VR immersive remote gathering experience|Facebook Force push VR immersive remote gathering experience

Remote party Facebook push VR: immersive experience Zuckerberg delivered a speech before, people in the experience of VR on February 21, Zuckerberg in Samsung Conference on propaganda of VR technology, Facebook issued press release, "toward a virtual reality a new step in the future", the prospect of VR technology is explained in detail: every day millions of people have on Facebook to watch video panorama, new technology will improve the sharpness reduced bandwidth, the new team will be exploring VR social potential, so that to get the body as its territory like party experience in the friends all over the world. The following is the full text: today, we will announce the new progress we have gained in the long-term efforts to build a virtual reality for the future. Mobile virtual reality shows growth trend: people watch the video has reached 1 million hours of virtual reality is something people can touch and feel, people can use driven by oculus Samsung devices gear VR, this device has in store sold. VR GEAR is the world’s best mobile virtual reality experience, because it combines the advanced virtual reality software created by the FacebookOculus team and the world class mobile hardware manufactured by samsung. Since the gear VR was launched in November 2013. It won the incredibly strong repercussions: in oculus store currently has more than 200 games and app for platform, people have used gear VR watched more than 1 million hours of video. Dynamic flow is moving toward mobile VR Zuckerberg delivered a speech we have been in the development of new technologies to make virtual reality video more excellent. Facebook’s 360 video is the first step, it will make you in watching the video as the body as its territory as looking around or perception, no matter you are in Tahiti surf, or explore the surface of Mars. Millions of people watch 360 videos on Facebook every day. We’ve uploaded more than 20 thousand videos, and we’re adding hundreds of videos each day, and we’re just starting to explore the possibilities of this format. Today, we will take an important step to improve the virtual reality 360 Video: we use the 360 video of the powerful dynamic streaming technology will be used in VR GEAR. This is to provide a more efficient way of 360 video, only to the highest quality broadcast of the pixels you actually watch, rather than the whole 360 video HD broadcast. In order to make it work, we upload to Facebook each of the 360 video produced dozens of videos, each video specifically targeted at the specific viewing angle. When you watch the video, we quickly adjust the display of a video according to the picture you are watching. By taking this measure, we will watch the video bandwidth required to reduce by 14, so that the VR 360 dynamic video clarity increased by 4 times. We are excited about using this technology in the next few weeks in VR GEAR. If you want to get more information, please read our recent blog posts about VIDEO@SCALE activities. We are in that one.