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Don’t miss the "feel good" (sea view) – Taiwan Channel – People’s network 2016 has just arrived, on both sides of the Strait to release a number of significant positive. This is not, one is not careful, "land passenger transfer" came to the eyes. The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council on the 5th said, intends to pilot open to the mainland residents Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport via transit operations, Nanchang, Kunming, Chongqing, the first batch of pilot cities. Mainland China and Taiwan will contact the SEF, related preparatory work after the completion of the implementation. At the appointed time, mainland residents in the three cities can be to passport and ticket and went to third on the boarding pass through Taiwan Taoyuan airport to airport transit. It is smooth, not easily won. Through the "King", through the "Xia Zhang", "Lu Ke transit talked a lot of spring and summer, autumn and winter, has not tanlong, finally in Xi Ma will blossom. Land passenger transfer is one of the measures to implement the learning will be one of the achievements of the horse. "Land passenger transit" has been Taiwan’s gold industry as a pastry. As the saying goes: there is a place where people can create business opportunities. Mainland residents each year to Europe and the United States, Australia, New Zealand and other places, if the choice of transit, Hongkong, Seoul, Tokyo and other places are often selected, and now more than a Taipei. Due to its geographical convenience and other factors, the future as long as part of mainland people choose transit in Taipei, to the plight of aviation industry in Taiwan is timely. Is the pilot of the three city, Taoyuan, Kunming, currently fly Nanchang Chongqing flight 20 classes a week. People in the industry estimate future three cities to Taiwan travelers may up to 50 per cent to Taoyuan airport transit, traffic in a hope to increase 18 million, if the full conversion to open, in volume can be increased by 50 million passengers. The future of land passenger transfer if the full implementation of the estimated one year can bring about one million passengers, the annual volume is expected to bring about tens of billions of dollars in Taiwan New Taiwan dollars of business opportunities. Mainland passenger transfer to the mainland people are good. On the one hand can make the mainland people in the country to turn a better choice, on the other hand, it can ease the pressure of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places of transit. Future if you choose transit in Taiwan, the mainland people can enjoy the Strait scenery on the plane, purchased at the airport on the island of Taiwan famous specialty, still can enjoy the service of Taoyuan airport transit zone. For Taiwan, the "land passenger transfer" although missed the best time, but there is better than nothing. In 1995, Taiwan launched the "development of Taiwan into the Asia Pacific operations center plan", proposed the establishment of an air transport center, intended to build Taiwan into East Asia air passenger convergence and cargo transfer center. But when the ice did not melt the lack of cross-strait relations, which is a key link of the mainland, Taiwan wishful thinking is doomed to fail. In recent years, the construction of the airport, change rapidly, the airlines and the size and structure has been among the highest in the world. In the island’s media view, now open land passenger transfer, although significant, but I am afraid that has missed the best time for the mainland passengers far less attractive than before. Although the golden cake will bring opportunities as before, but the Human effort is the decisive factor. Taiwan Civil Aviation Authority officials pointed out that the ability to attract more visitors, to see whether the introduction of attractive