6Beijing Wei Planning Commission the city’s crackdown traffickers strictly implement real name regist|Beijing Wei Planning Commission the city’s crackdown traffickers strictly implement real name regist

Beijing Planning Commission: the city crackdown traffickers strictly implement the real name system registration – Sohu News today, Beijing Children’s hospital will begin implementation of strict "real name cards, real name is registered, real name medical treatment system. Yesterday, the City Health Planning Commission, said the next step will be within the city, the organization launched to combat the number of traffickers action. Strict implementation of the real name system registration recently, circulated on the Internet foreign female patients in Guang An Men Hospital fulminating against traffickers video by media attention. In this regard, health departments have been involved in the statement said will cooperate with the public security organs crackdown traffickers. Yesterday, the City Planning Commission officially deployed health requirements, the city’s major hospitals strict implementation of the real name system for registration, patients with valid documents for registration, payment of the serial number, registration of the hospital to check the contents of the registration. In addition, the hospital has a responsibility to strengthen the management of the registration order, security personnel to maintain order at all times. At the same time, in order to prevent collusion, hospital to implement total of registered office staff. The next step will be within the scope of the city, organized to combat the number of traffickers action, Wei Planning Commission will strengthen the number of dealers, the investigation and transfer clues. The cards window and public security network according to the City Planning Commission, yesterday, the Beijing Children’s Hospital first announced new initiatives. With immediate effect, the initial treatment of patients with identity cards to apply for one card". Since April 1st, the hospital will also stop using the old medical card (magnetic stripe card), full use of the card (IC card). Remind hospital, to avoid affect children registered and came to the hospital, please parents must carry ID cards or replacement cards window in time. The cards window card reader with the public security departments related to system network, can identify the authenticity of identity. In addition, taking into account the children and their parents have yet to show ID card, hospital is now open for business card temporary, temporary card can only hang on the day of the ordinary number, can not make an appointment and temporary card can only be effective on the same day. Also need special attention is, parents never use "others" card registration, treatment, once discovered, hospitals have the right to refuse admissions. It is understood, since last June 18, Beijing Children’s hospital has begun to implement "non emergency registered comprehensive appointment", also including the introduction of the mobile app, micro channel, 114 telephone, unified registration website, outpatient service building in the booking window, such as a variety of way reservation, parents can according to own situation to choose their own. Increase efforts to rule the number of traffickers for the number of traffickers, the State Health Planning Commission, the city health department and the hospital should closely cooperate with the public security organs to crack down on the number of traffickers. Specific means, the City Health Planning Commission has asked the hospital to strengthen the outpatient hall, registration hall and the surrounding areas to monitor the inspection. At the same time, the major hospitals should strengthen the publicity of patients. For example, you can take a hint card, guide medical staff to guide, electronic screen display and other forms of patient information, to avoid being deceived. Yesterday, the City Planning Commission deputy director of hairiness said "No. traffickers," a long time, the City Planning Commission is actively exploring and public security departments to establish long-term mechanism, at the same time, based on Governance from the source, in the future will not regularly carry out joint actions to combat and control efforts to further increase the "trafficking". North crystal