6Beijing this week will encounter very cold weather at night the lowest -11 C – Society – Peop|Beijing this week will encounter very cold weather at night the lowest -11 C – Society – Peop

Beijing this week will encounter "extreme cold weather & nbsp; night minimum 11 DEG C – social – People’s Network Beijing Morning News (reporter Wang Hailiang) yesterday, in 2016 after the first snowfall, Beijing cold chills, Southern Observatory maximum temperature stop at 3.1 DEG C. But yesterday after the snow it is only a prelude, continued to be the Siberian cold air southward influence, this week will become "very cold" is a week, or a week since the beginning of winter, the coldest. From the weather forecast, the Beijing region, the highest temperature of 23 days only -5 degrees Celsius, the lowest temperature at night -11 degrees Celsius, and accompanied by four or five levels of North wind. Yesterday, in 2016 the first snow drift, so Beijing haze scattered sky blue, 1 excellent air quality. The city meteorological station data show that from 16 to 18 o’clock yesterday morning 6 am, the city’s average snowfall 0.6 mm, 0.3 mm the city; Northwest and northeast larger, respectively, 1.5 mm and 1.3 mm, less of the southwest and Southeast, respectively, 0.1 mm and trace; the city’s biggest snowfall in Miyun Dian Zi, 4.4 mm; maximum snow point of city in Chaoyang cuigezhuang, 1.5 mm. 6 yesterday morning, Beijing city and south of no snow, large areas of northern snow 1-2 cm to 6.5 cm, shangdianzi. This week, our country will continue is influenced by the Siberian cold air southward, middle east ministry or will experience a week this winter is the coldest. Especially 20 days ago after a strong cold air strikes, since many temperatures will hit winter lows. Beijing, the temperature continued to slump this week, from 21 to 23, the highest temperature during the day is only -3 to -5. The 23 day is this Saturday, the highest temperature during the day is only -5 degrees, the minimum temperature at night will drop to -11 degrees Celsius, very cold. 22 and 23 days, the strong cold air brought winds of 45, with the highest temperature is below the freezing point of water, feeling the cold if fall to an icehouse. Moreover, this cold gesture may continue until about 25, to the end of the gradual recovery of the temperature. While the capital of the north and the south is what kind of situation? The next few days, in under cover of active cold air, northeast deep continuous deep cold; and it is expected, 20 to 23, southern region will usher in a larger range of low temperature, rain, snow and freezing weather, when the South or the rain to snow change, part of the local will now freezing rain.