6Australia defais Djokovic familiar with the reproduction of war let each other more respect (video)|Australia defais Djokovic familiar with the reproduction of war let each other more respect (video)

Australian Open reproduction de Faye Wars: familiar with each other more respect for the Australian Open semifinals will reproduce the fee German war Roger Federer in the Australian Open Cut 16 grand slam the 300 wins leaps the news sports news on January 27 as the king of the old and new generations of a win, Djokovic and Federer each a confrontation will often lead people to pay attention to, and this time they will in the semifinals again in the battle, staged two career 45th field battle. Before the two people in the speech are revealed to each other’s great respect. Showdown between Federer and Djokovic although there is no "Nadal never" so famous, but two people also hand in hand dedication of many classical field, are destroyed each other a lot coming true dream. At present, two people on record confrontation fights the 22-22, it can be seen that the strength in the end how close. The Australian Open tournament in the two kings showing very good state, in the 1 / 4 final Roger Federer in straight sets in the third set to beat Berdych, and Djokovic straight three disc beat Kei nishikori, two people will take the best state to usher in the semi-final in the "war of the king of the mountain". It is well known that Federer and Djokovic secret relationship is not very close, can say they are the do not call "group" in the traditional big four, but for each other’s achievements, two hearts are full of respect. Roger Federer in talking about the next semi-final said this way: "he is one of the world’s top players, and Australian Open champion, has been his performance here are very good, you can not have the slightest lax, the game you can do is every moment keep attention in the face of such opponents. In recent years we have had a number of exchanges, our competition has been very intense, the next game will no doubt be so." And the small German also said the two clash more times, he respect for Federer becomes stronger: "we have the swords of the 44 games. Moreover, I with Rafa Nadal () also played more than 40 games, though my career is half the time is in and played them like. Federer’s success is no longer necessary to repeat, the more we fight, the more I respect him, there is no doubt that the next semi-final will be a fierce competition, I am very much looking forward to this." Druid also said he is now very clear Federer in the field with how to turn things around, so he in the game won’t have any slack: "each of us a confrontation is very difficult, in the past few seasons we staged many wonderful game, I know him on the pitch are able to do. He always makes every time you are unable to take it lightly, I must come up with the best state to prepare with his game. He is a very comprehensive player, defensive and offensive is very perfect, always able to put huge pressure on the opponent, and recently two seasons he has been very stable, for his age to do this is very commendable thing. " (Li Tianyou)