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PS4  Pro is not a real 4K game machine? – People’s game original title: PS4 Pro is not a real 4K game? SONY recently released a long rumored enhanced version of the PS4 game, not PS4 Neo, nor 4K, but PS4 Pro. Not only the name is different, the function is also somewhat different from our imagination, for example, does not support the 4K Blu ray disc. However, in SONY released a series of game presentations, it seems that only a small number of games really reach 4K resolution, which is why? In fact, although the PS4 Pro supports maximum 4K resolution, but not all game manufacturers will use. SONY side said, do not want PS4 Pro is just a picture of the game can output 8 million pixels, which sounds somewhat contradictory, but it is not difficult to understand carefully. Generally speaking, PC provides a picture of the game option is love, including resolution, various effects switch, and the game machine is not, basically is the priority protection in the resolution and frame rate under the condition of the game screen is optimized, PS4 Pro offers more options. In the demo game, can be found at the beginning of the game can be carried out after the quality selection, basically into three types: 4K model, optimization model and mode of picture frames. Among them, the resolution is 1080P, the maximum frame model can achieve more than 45fps and the picture frame rate; optimization model is locked up in 30fps, but the specific details of a better picture. Some game companies such as Guerrilla Games said, this design is almost "magic": Although the picture is not a native 4K, but close to, a new image rendering technology and quality custom space, so that the game makers have more degrees of freedom. In other words, the function of the PS4 Pro 4K game screen is not a problem, but after the realization of 4K output, and no extra space to enhance the game graphics quality, details. But manufacturers are not only a choice of 4K this can be customized according to the needs of the model, before the start of the game to allow players to choose. After all, a $399 game consoles, and can not be equipped with NVIDIA GTX 1080 graphics game PC to play 4K game performance. But SONY through HDR, more details to optimize the space to enhance the game screen, the feeling is still relatively reliable. Of course, this seems to increase the workload of the game manufacturers, I hope the delay will not be intensified. (commissioning editor Dong Sirui and Shen Guangqian)