68The new Olympic champion Zheng Saisai tiaola|The new Olympic champion Zheng Saisai tiaola8

Zheng Saisai tiaola new Olympic champion Washington Beijing time on August 30th, Zheng Saisai, Duan Yingying and Wang Yafan at the 2016 us open the first day of competition, the 3 Chinese Jinhua defeated their opponents, to advance to the second round. Duan Yingying after the 3 qualifying round won the US Open Flame race ended, the first round against Greece’s Sakari. The first contest in tenth segment Yingying well-matched in strength, 6 more than 4 innings break, won the first set. Two people in the second set before the 6 inning still deadlocked, Sakari in the seventh inning after the break and take the initiative, more than 6 to 4 of the same score pulled a plate. Duan Yingying started in the decider after the 3 game winning streak, although 5 than 1 after leading opponents pulled two games, but Duan Yingying did not miss the second ball game, 6 to 3 won the decider, qualify for the second round for the first time the u.s.. Another Chinese Jinhua Wang Yafan is also after the qualifying race is advanced to the first round of the US open. It is worth mentioning that the king Yafan qualifying final round opponent is her doubles partner Han xinyun. Wang Yafan’s first round opponent is a 22 year old Belgian player van utta Fanke, Wang Yafan in the seventh game of the first set to complete the break, and once again break success in the ninth inning after 6 to 3 to win the first set. The second game of ups and downs, Wang Yafan 4 to 1 lead, followed by the rival at 4 than 4, with both two Paul made a success, the game was dragged into the grab seven, Wang Yafan eventually won the battle to grab seven, won the individual Grand Slam singles race victory. On the first day of the final stage of the golden flower Zheng Saisai ushered in a focus of the war, against the Rio Olympic Games women’s singles gold medalist, Puerto Rico player Pylo. Pylo was the first to show momentum, was 4 to 1 lead. Zheng Saisai in his service to stabilize the situation, and then broke the opponent’s two serve, in order to pull the amazing performance of the board of the reversal of the success of the 5. Pylo’s mental state is clearly affected, Zheng Saisai has great advantages than 5 1 in the second set, although not completed third consecutive break, but by virtue of the eighth Bureau of Paul made a success, Zheng Saisai 6 than 2 to win the two set, 2 to 0 of the big score tiaola new Olympic champion. (Ma Yiou)