68Forbes James or Trump deal benefit the province each year to 15 million|Forbes James or Trump deal benefit the province each year to 15 million6

Forbes: James or Trump deal to benefit the province each year to 15 million Trump: it can’t convince you? Sina sports news Beijing time on November 11th, according to the U.S. "Forbes" reported that although the Cavaliers star Lebron – James is the Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton’s loyal supporters, but the new US President Donald Trump some policy plan will make James and all occupation athletes benefit, for example: if the tax cuts were Trump the implementation, so every year for James, about $15 million in tax. If the new president of the United States Trump proposed tax cuts to be passed, so it will affect almost every occupation athlete’s purse, take James for example, this summer, he and the Cavaliers signed a $100 million contract for 3 years, his salary will be $31 million, and the following Jordan and Kobe third annual salary of $30 million NBA player. According to the Trump tax cuts, James will save $2 million 300 thousand annually in tax. Of course, James’s income is not limited to the court, he was outside the stadium there are many endorsement contracts, and Trump tax cuts can also let James benefit. According to the Trump plan, all business income tax rate will be reduced to 15%. According to the "Forbes" estimates, James in the past year endorsement income reached $54 million, among the top ranks of the world athlete endorsement income, and Trump tax cuts can save $13 million 800 thousand per year for James. That is to say, if Trump tax cuts by James, then a year can save $15 million 160 thousand in federal income tax, but also not included him in investment income, the tax. Although James and Hilary are many occupation player Clinton’s loyal supporters, but the Trump tax cuts can benefit them a lot. (Rosen)