68Du Feng lose less than 30 points, even if the new state is still adjusting to win the new (video)|Du Feng lose less than 30 points, even if the new state is still adjusting to win the new (video)6

Du Feng: lost less than 30 points wins the new foreign aid status is still in the adjustment of Du Feng called lose less than 30 points even if winning [collection] Guangdong 75-101 Zhao Rui 19 CSKA de 23 September 30th Shenzhen sports Tencent Kolo news (reporter Chen Yueze) Beijing time on September 30th, the Guangdong men’s basketball team in the Champions League China for second games in 75 to 101 lost to CSKA moscow. In an interview after the game, the Guangdong team coach Du Feng praised the team spirit and attitude, and that the team is still in the adjustment of the new foreign aid Sloan. "I think it’s a very good game today, everyone is enjoying the game and the investment is good. If the loss is less than 30 points equal to win, in fact, if it is not the Ming Dynasty’s 5 foul and Sloan in the game a little cramps, I think the situation will be better." For the results of the game, Du Feng said, after all, we have more young players on the court, there are some shortcomings in the control error, followed by the rebound, because we are relatively short height, there are some disadvantages. It is a great help for us to play with this team, and there is little chance to learn from this team." The new team Guangdong foreign aid Sloan state average, the game in 30 minutes, only 15 minutes, and had 7 turnovers. For Sloan’s performance, the evaluation of Du Feng said: he was trained with the team for two days, tactics are not very clear, he did not come from the United States to China before the two weeks of training. So after the physical condition is not very good." Zhao Rui scored 19 points in the game, called the biggest highlight of the game. Du Feng also gave a good evaluation of Zhao Rui, and put forward higher requirements and expectations for him. "Zhao Rui, we knew him three years ago and wanted him to come to the team, but the fate has not been. This year, he came to the team, we think he is a relatively high IQ basketball players, followed by playing 1, No. 2, there is a good pass and a breakthrough. As a player of his height, his development space is still relatively large." Du Feng said, but as a young player, he is still more impetuous, there will always be some ups and downs, which is the need to help him to improve the game."