68Badaling tiger wounding Park side claimed to be 3 million 300 thousand injured denied the Sohu news|Badaling tiger wounding Park side claimed to be 3 million 300 thousand injured denied the Sohu news8

Badaling tiger wounding: Park side claimed to be the 3 million 300 thousand injured denied – Sohu news from the "7? 23" northeast tiger wounding nearly four months. Previously, the event has been disclosed by the media in detail. 16, on the release of a full video of this event and then cause disputes. The injured party said it would soon be on the wild animals in Beijing, Badaling (referred to as the park) filed a lawsuit, the other party to take responsibility for their own. However, the zoo spokesman Cao Zhijie again said that the accident has the investigation conclusion: zoo have no fault and responsibility; at the same time, he south are reporters for the first time disclosed a description of the negotiation process and the families of the injured completely different "". The release of complete video 16, a tiger attack complete video first disclosed in the media, "we apply to the Yanqing government information office, to obtain the video in November 11th." Ms. Zhao said. Video display, after Zhao was attacked by the Siberian tiger, after 20 minutes, Zhao and then get off the woman was rescued on a rescue vehicle. In the meantime, there are a number of Park patrol car appeared, and back and forth. "The patrol car is coming, but what is the use? Just keep reversing, driving, horn, and private cars is no difference." Zhao said. Zhao’s father Zhao He (a pseudonym) said, the video that the zoo is not to make timely and effective relief, "from the past is not complete video, a patrol car rushed over, giving a very timely rescue illusion; from now on full video, several patrol cars only in the out of order to move forward and backward, only in honk h-throttle, not a personnel hand tools and equipment get effective relief." In addition to Zhao he also said that the video can be seen in the state of Zhao off without exception, have not been around sound interference and look around, "fight" and the falsification of the zoo called to a warning message. Zhao Bin believes that in general, "that the zoo has the primary responsibility in the accident, escape the blame." For a complete video and the injured party disclosure claims, the park is no different with the previous attitude, "the report clearly does not belong to the production safety accidents, we have no fault in this incident, there is no responsibility." Zoo spokesman Cao Zhijie told reporters in Nandu. Since the negotiation is not successful or the litigation has occurred, the parties have not stopped negotiation. Nandu reporter learned, and Zhao garden party consultations as early as August 29th suspended, after the two sides rarely meet and exchange, "in the ‘three’ in the first step, the loss can not tanlong." It is understood that after the incident, the two sides in accordance with the handling of traffic accident liability and compensation scheme, divided into the damage, will be responsible, for the three step, in which the deceased Zhou incident loss of 1 million 245 thousand yuan, the two sides agreed; and in the event of damage in the injured Zhao, 745 thousand yuan 1 million 500 thousand yuan Zhao he advocated the gap with the zoo too large, both sides do not compromise, then settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. The two sides have told reporters in Nandu, currently only take legal means to resolve, the recent prosecution (Yuan Fang), the fastest next week." Zhao Lin said