67Feature Lippi’s first show rarely shouting in the dull wait and see the overall situation (video)|Feature Lippi’s first show rarely shouting in the dull wait and see the overall situation (video)7

Feature: Lippi first show little flat wait-and-see global battlefield raise a hue and cry [] Wu Lei 2 ball Orangemen 5-0 break Gao Lin Yan Junling drow Tencent on November 9th Kunming (the Zhao Yu) sports teaching a race, it should be regarded as Lippi’s China national team debut. In the cold rain in Kunming, wearing a cotton padded jacket in a belt Orangemen after the first game. 5 more than the score of 0 can not explain too many problems, most of the time the old man is standing silently watching, to see some of the mistakes should not pass the game back to the bench. 8 day, Kunming has always been in the rain, the city’s traffic becomes abnormal congestion. In this case, the game was delayed for half an hour. Race in the rain, the referee blew the whistle, Lippi stood up and watched the dynamic field. He has been standing, do not speak, quietly watching. Kunming rainy Lippi completed his national football coaching debut in the second half of the match after the rain, Lippi came out from the bench. Because this is a teaching game, so he did not need too much on the sidelines to raise a hue and cry. Since the second half of the lineup has a lot of substitute players, so the game was very dull. After seeing the players pass the ball many times, Lippi also made a forward tilt of the action, and then turned back to the bench. I can see that he also felt that some mistakes should not be, but there are not many ways. Because the team played the second half time and is not very ideal, Lippi also called translation, to remind the players in the field of their position, while giving players gestures, while emphasizing the matters needing attention. The last fifteen minutes, the game is basically in a stable state, Lippi also went back to the bench chair, which is one of his few games sitting time. After the game, the players in the center of the ground shaking hands, internationas side thanks fans to the site. Lippi did not stay here too much, directly back to the lounge. His first show is very dull, not too rich expression and exaggerated action, all this has just begun.