66Nowitzki dream to love like tennis backhand Wawrinka (video)|Nowitzki dream to love like tennis backhand Wawrinka (video)3

Nowitzki dream to love like Wawrinka backhand tennis [Abstract] Nowitzki has a tennis court mansion in Dallas backyard, he hired a private tennis coach. Suddenly, he was full of passion. Nowitzki is keen to do charity dinner meeting celebrities junuo king had practiced tennis, and won the two championship trophy. Reporter Li Xilin reported that Nowitzki has a tennis court in Dallas’s backyard, he hired a tennis coach. Nowitzki suddenly filled with a passion for tennis, he was at Southern Methodist University recently held a charity tennis tournament, not only his teammate Harrison · Barnes, Barea in, even the tennis star Roddick also attended the event. Tennis is Nowitzki’s first love, but he has been playing basketball for 10 years. Love is always so memorable, when Nowitzki in the NBA arena yangmingliwan, his heart but always think of youth tennis experience. He became obsessed with the fans, for several years the offseason he went to Wimbledon watching. Tennis is his favorite sport in his spare time. Nowitzki also said that even after the age of fifty or sixty, he may still play tennis. Love tennis, a tennis court in Germany’s handball row second fort, a boy has a pair of big legs, fiercely swing beat opponent defenseless. 12 years old, he has reached a height of 1 meters 8, far higher than his peers, he is also very flexible, and his opponent the same age, he basically do not have to spend any effort. The boy likes to compete against his old rivals, so that they can be confrontational. Long legged young called Dirk · Nowitzki, tennis is his favorite sport, ranked second in the handball, he also practiced fencing, occasionally playing football and playing basketball. Nowitzki’s father Jorge is a handball player, in the small local celebrity. Nowitzki’s mother and sister are basketball players. In Nowitzki’s childhood memories, basketball is women’s sports, handball is a sport for men. So, Nowitzki first started playing handball, but he was not particularly love. By the time he was 8, Nowitzki had a goal. At that time, the German tennis star Boris · Becker heady, has become the top master, has become the pride of germany. Nowitzki’s father Jorge Becker fans, often sit drinking beer to watch the game at home. Every time Becker hit a wonderful blow, he roared with excitement. In the sound of roaring Jorge, Nowitzki hooked on tennis. So, Nowitzki began to accept tennis training. When you get hooked on a sport and spend time on it, progress is often very fast. Nowitzki had such an experience, he quickly in the same age of tennis players stand out, he is tall and flexible. Gradually, the number of Nowitzki playing handball less, starting with tennis as the goal. Boris · Becker won a championship, the fort’s young legs silently polishing her tennis skills, hope you can like.