66James China shared season fourth crown target – Sohu sports Championship glory under the rhetoric|James China shared season fourth crown target – Sohu sports Championship glory under the rhetoric5

James Chinese shared the championship glory next season fourth crown rhetoric – Sohu   sports; Beijing time on September 10th, the second day Lebron James Nike basketball trip to Guangzhou Railway Station, will the 2015-2016 season championship playoffs and MVP both in the bag in the days of James river sports center in Nike for its special held "glory celebration." Guangzhou, with fans to share his joy and glory and prospects for next season. James in the seventh finals after the whistle of the Yanmianerqi still visible before the eyes in league history, as one of the greatest players, he saddled with expectations at the same time, also must face the pressure and doubt than others. "Stay focused and concentrate on winning every game. Only victory is the best answer to those questions." James at the scene and the presence of thousands of fans to share the road. When asked about next season’s goal, Lebron did not hesitate to say: "is the fourth championship." Farewell enthusiastic fans, James airborne Guangdong experimental high school. In the Nike Rise Academy training service, he and the province team players to share his top secret inquiries to win the title: focus on training attitude and scientific training methods for the. In the special design of the video analysis of the game, James is personally to the players to explain the finals of a key ball and his own mental state of the game changes. "Learn to slow down, to grasp their own rhythm, blindly forward will give yourself more." He hope the players can not only master the skills of basketball skills, can have more confidence and courage to throw a ball winning face the pressure and challenges. "It’s not easy to win the championship to prove that it’s not a simple thing, so every champion is very special and valuable to me. Glad to see China teenagers basketball show enthusiasm, sports can bring them strength, friendship and team spirit, I hope to be able to continue with the love of sport Championship inspire children, let them grow up healthy and happy." Lebron – James