66A salary list Milan AC inter and Juventus teams ranked fourth billions of dollars|A salary list Milan AC inter and Juventus teams ranked fourth billions of dollars3

Salary list: two Serie A inter and Juventus billions AC Milan ranked fourth serie a season of the sina sports club total wages according to the Convention, after the transfer window closed, "Milan sports newspaper" the disclosure of the 20 serie a team payroll, from the total point of view, Juventus 145 million euros in wages at the top of the table, the 120 million euros in Milan ranked second. Rome ranked third of 92 million euros. In addition to Juventus and inter Milan, the same as the traditional three AC Milan total number of wage of 80 million euros, ranked fourth in the standings wages, Naples is 75 million euro wages ranked fifth. Traditional teams Lazio and Florence is also the top seven wages list. Serie A season total wages, only Juventus and international Milan more than one hundred million euros. A minimum wage is promoted Mark Roto Hei, the total annual salary of 14 million euros is equivalent to the 110 juventus. Related reading "" serie a top 20 players: AC Milan + inter ace and "Gonzalo Higuain": Serie A, the top 20 total wages (unit Euro), 1. Juventus 145 million 2. International Milan 120 million 3. Rome 92 million 4.AC Milan 80 million and 5. Naples 75 million and 6. Lazio 55 million and 7. Florence 44 million and 8. Sampdoria 35 million and 9. Bologna 34 million and 10. Turin 32 million and 11. Genoa 30 million and 12. Udine J 28 million and 12. Sassolo 28 million and 14. Atlanta 24 million and 15. Cagliari 21 million and 16. Palermo 20 million and 17. Chievo 18 million and 18. Pescara 16 million 500 thousand and 19. Empoli 15 million 500 thousand and 20. Kroto Hei 14 million euros (Wellman)