66 anniversary edition available, listen to the legendary T series of past events – Sohu car yo te amo

The 66 anniversary edition of the T series, listen to the legends of the past – Sohu automobile in October 26th, when the 66 Anniversary Edition listed imported Volkswagen multifunctional business car Wei Min, two drive version of 499 thousand and 800 yuan and four-wheel drive version of 535 thousand and 800 yuan, limited edition 88. From T1 to T6 for 66 years, leading the popular T series and the birth of the 12 million Taiwan all corners of the country, the world. The T series is to temper forward, to go to create a legend. Not the old legend in 1947, from Holland Volkswagen importer Ben Pon, negotiate in Wolfsburg Volkswagen factory, accidentally transported from the factory flat car inspired outline in the notebook of a multifunctional van sketch modeling. In 1950, the unprecedented efforts and creative R & D team based on Volkswagen, Volkswagen Transporter series of the first works — T1 was born, multifunctional van has been defined. Remember the history, history of Thanksgiving, after Volkswagen imported sixth generation T series world premiere ceremony held in Holland’s capital Amsterdam, is to commemorate the T series creative father, great Holland businessman Ben Pon. A romantic idea, inadvertently the initiation of a realistic wonderful world, almost all the occupation can say, have or are more than 12 million models are T series of six generations, to create their dreams. T1 swept, Volkswagen brings more convenient, safer, more comfortable and spacious T2; later, with angular shape, inclusive innovation T3, first introduced the four-wheel drive technology; market and the era of constant change, accelerate innovation T4 has different from before the bearing and the pattern to the luxury and business transformation T5; with the new century science and technology bring new cars gorgeous, performance is more and more perfect; the new transformation of T6, inherited the essence of the German manufacturing machinery, become the high-end commercial vehicle type a combination of reliability, flexibility, personalized. Wei Min to pay tribute to the classic multifunctional business car 66 Anniversary Edition is an essential public import car of the sixth generation T series family of Pierre as in China market Limited launched 88. The new car exclusive "Edition 66" logo body to highlight its noble status, and gives its cultural connotation, is praise and thanks to 66 years since the T series of global users of this mission will be to the van expresses. T1 bright lovely red and white body, and a fresh round of lamp and adorable V smiling, given its optimistic innate talent. Now the red and white body become a feature of painting, multifunctional business car Wei Min 66 anniversary edition not only that, the new car is also optional streamer silver and empty blue paint. "Fat jade white" and "cherry red" up and down with the classic appearance, so that the spirit of T1 and T6 to connect. In order to have more T1 exclusive memory, double color echoed the exterior paintwork of the console trim highlights and guests hugged and sit together with 66 years ago, the unique creativity and indomitable will. At the same time, has 11 channel yang.相关的主题文章: