64The Bundesliga gone Champion has no more suspense tough Leverkusen depression (video)|The Bundesliga gone Champion has no more suspense tough Leverkusen depression (video)8

The Bundesliga gone? No more tough Leverkusen champion suspense stuck in the doldrums Leverkusen’s tough style controversial [collection] Huo Cun pharmaceutical company 3-0 8 unbeaten fuland red Wagner was shot after nearly 14 Bundesliga season standings, but more and more people cannot read. Bayern District in the Champions League last season in the top four, the other three have disappeared, replaced by Leipzig RB, Berlin Herta and the Hoffenheim, the fifth is cologne. Dortmund after 3 victorious has dropped to sixth, Leverkusen, Wolfsburg and the other two teams Borussia and Schalk are all half of dwelling district! On the weekend of the eighth round of the Bundesliga, Quebingshaoqiang special rotation excessive, with the second Ingolstadt 3 3 draw is lucky. On the season in the Champions League quarter finals in Wolfsburg, is another popular Darmstadt 3 than 1 relegated trouncing, Gomes scored the first goal of no avail. Home court against Leverkusen, the opening 6 minutes saw striker Frand was sent off by the Hoffenheim audience repression, 0 than 3 defeat. For 2 consecutive years in Bayern are unbeaten Borussia no state, no fighting, the first half was hit 12 more than 1 shots than the final 0 than 2 lose, have nothing to say. Gone? No suspense champion after 2000, the Bundesliga team, record from the recent Bayern second group can be divided into two batches, the first batch of Bremen, Hamburg, Stuttgart these traditional clubs, they has a long history, until six or seven years ago or qualifying for a contender. However, the club management is backward, the beginning of this century, many investment mistakes, debt, the strength of the team is damaged, in recent years have been involved in the relegation battle, Stuttgart season tragic downgrade, Bremen is successive relegation, the Bundesliga in Hamburg last year marks a slight improvement in dinosaurs, this year began tossing, Huanshuai and stable vice monitor. The second group is to have a healthy strong backer or own hematopoietic function of traditional teams, Leverkusen gold master and Wolfsburg are German super large enterprises, Ruhr three Schalke, and Borussia Dortmund are famous for their strong youth. The team in recent years has been a regular war in Europe, the Champions League knockout is also common. The Bundesliga before the start of this year, public opinion generally believes that this team will be composed of 5 after Bayern’s second group. The current situation was surprising, the situation seems to be the premier great disorder under heaven than last season. Look, the Bundesliga in Bayern under the unpredictability of the steep, aspect full, but also with the Premier League, into the powers is not strong, weak rise cycle. This may be good for the league, but it is a bad thing, after all, reflect the league level by two teams; the Bundesliga, every "troubled times", Bayern has basically no chaos, performance is still stable, only behind change into several small team pursuing the tiger still in the mountains, but doudao monkey monkey, means the monkey king is more difficult, the more very little champion tends to no suspense. Dortmund downturn are rational, pharmaceutical companies? Some of the most confusing teams in Leverkusen, they have neither the main loss, there is no coach replacement, this is the most stable team. However, the new season of pharmaceutical companies anxious impatient and unable to control their emotions, when good or bad, not only can Keduote ability, crisp defeat to Bremen such opponents. Leverkusen’s overall play very tough.