643 overtime win 60+13+21 price! Tired to have no love|3 overtime win 60+13+21 price! Tired to have no love7

3 overtime win 60+13+21 price! Tired to love is born team Shanxi foreign aid Franklin sina sports news Beijing time November 16th game against Liaoning was an unforgettable match for Shanxi foreign aid Franklin will, in this play the three overtime, up to three hours of the game, he almost played the whole game. The first time, he and Hodson became the main point on both sides, each sub Biao led the team to move forward, but on both sides of the first overtime is still undecided. Second overtime before the start, Franklin on the billboards, some eyes blurred, see that he was very tired. Because he played in the previous round of the game against Beijing almost full, when he was in the fourth quarter of a suspension, the appearance of a tired sitting on the ground. Second overtime, Franklin in addition to his attack, but also from time to time to pass from a teammate came, the Shanxi armed Yongming tenacious bite the score, two teams draw again. This time Franklin was somewhat collapsed, he once again on the billboards, from time to time to close your eyes, revealing a "life without love" expression. Third overtime, Franklin Jan did not move, every time he will attack Liaoning’s anti sticking was heavy, and almost all of them to tackle heavy landing end. At the end of the game, Franklin slumped to the ground. Although Franklin scored 60 points and 13 rebounds against data 21 assists, but the Shanxi team failed to win. (Eric)