63Yilmaz’s recovery of the new translation can not help but the national security team efforts – Sohu |Yilmaz’s recovery of the new translation can not help but the national security team efforts – Sohu 3

Yilmaz new translation contributed to the national security team – Sohu in sports highlights – Zimei Ma IL two 2-0 Guoan Guoan 2-0 Yilmaz broke away Liaozu Liaozu to celebrate the last night in Shenyang Tiexi stadium, 2 to 0 victory over Liaoning Hongyun, integral 32 points to avoid relegation task ahead of the completion of the national security. The future of the home court, but also can be seen as an ideal national security rising channel. The plum to open two degrees Yilmaz is the greatest hero Guoan win, and he broke out, can be said to be a team effort. Very strong: 6 in the distant home court home court before the match in Tiexi, Liaozu made 5 wins 1 flat unbeaten score. At the end of the first half and the second half including a period of time, to occupy the market advantage is the Liaoning team, if not the Thunder Dragon to cover the empty to resolve the crisis, Xu Guoan is backward one, but in the end they Guoan won the game. For this result, Liaozu coach Marin said: "seize the opportunity to create the national security, we do not hold, this is the difference between the strong and the weak team." In this game, the difference between national security and Liaozu is actually a Yilmaz: first is to create a penalty and the Turks scored, then hold each other miskick score, then scored two of the national security has locked the victory, we show the real effect of Ma IL star. Nicknamed "King" Yilmaz, after more than half a season back, finally began their outbreak: in the last four games, IL Yilmaz scored 5 goals, it can be said that Yilmaz now finally adapt to the rhythm of super. From yesterday’s game, IL maz gives an intuitive feelings, apparently improve physical strength and fighting ability. "The other defender (Assani) physical strength is very strong, but we can only carry him to open the area to kill, indicating that the body recovered very well, Yilmaz." A member of the coaching staff said after the game and the reporter exchanges. In addition, there is one detail must be mentioned, that is the national security and prepared a speak Turkish Chinese translation, Yilmaz before, has been one of his foreign friends will simply Chinese to guest. Yilmaz is now able to communicate with his coach and teammates, which is one of the secrets of his recovery. "I would like to thank all the players, coaches, teammates and staff, they have given me a lot of help, we are like a big family." Yilmaz said in an interview after the game, so I would like to contribute their strength to the family. Like today, I scored and the team won the game, which made me very happy." It is no exaggeration to Yilmaz said, in order to let him find the goal feeling, Xie Feng continues to use his method of adjustment, and even let Sergeyev cover, as he can say, Yilmaz is the result of activation of the country security team effort. "We all know that he has the ability, I have also played abroad, know the difficulty of playing overseas." Zhang Chengdong said after the game, "language and culture including wind Wei play