63Watts fell out of the top ten did not see the ranking will come back one day (video)|Watts fell out of the top ten did not see the ranking will come back one day (video)9

Watts: fell out of the top ten have not seen the ranking will come back one day [Abstract] the game to a certain time, I think: we played for half an hour, she is currently 4-0 lead, is very unfavorable for me." Caroline Wozniacki said after the game. Kurkovva grabbed seven to win the Woz state Huiyong America, New York local time on August 31st, the 2016 U.S. open season to enter the third day of competition. The two runner up Caroline Wozniacki 0-4 first to overcome the weaknesses, to reverse the 6-4,6-4 No. 9 seed Kuznetsova, head of the third round of promotion. "I was thinking about the game," we played for half an hour, and now she’s 4-0 ahead, which is very bad for me." Caroline Wozniacki said after the game, I also want to let the audience enjoy more tennis performances." Two people had already had 12 meetings, each get 6 wins tied. The recent two meeting, Kuznetsova won all but three times in the US open dialogue is Caroline Wozniacki the last laugh. In view of Kuznetsova in this season’s strong rebound (for the first time to return to the TOP10 after 2009), and Caroline Wozniacki dropped due to injury (currently at seventy-fourth), this is at second weeks in advance to the second round showdown staged. "To tell the truth, I didn’t see the rankings before I dropped out of the top ten. I think I will go back to that place one day, once I succeed, I will start to pay attention to the rankings." Caroline Wozniacki said. "It’s been a tough year. I got a lot of injuries. But I feel like I’m a top player and I’ve just beaten a good opponent this year." Two 6-4 score may not be true reflect the intensity of the game: the 2004 US Open champion Kuznetsova just up state brave, winner of detonation over the audience, completely suppressed the play of Caroline Wozniacki. Although the Danes only appeared in a unforced error, but even lost four 0-4 fell on the passive. In the next game Caroline Wozniacki was the opponent to the break point, but this time the world finally began to wake up. She took advantage of Kuznetsova’s decline the chance of rapid counterattack, sent invisible egg 6-4 to win the first set, the start of the second set is also smooth the hair. Finally, Caroline Wozniacki came to 5-3’s service win. Kuznetsova with a superb forehand topspin lob with a break point, then the forehand winner inside-out smooth and clean cash, in the game among the tenacious. The Russians serve both to the key point of 30-30, at the moment of suspense surge, Kuznetsova forehand return net gave Caroline Wozniacki the first match point. The Dane is welcome, with a bullet to the corner of the precise victory points to the end of the game. Caroline Wozniacki next round opponent will be nikulaisiku, the latter to sweep 6-0,6-1 compatriots bogdahn promotion.