63Shanghai Media super team should bear social responsibility is not only the pursuit of results|Shanghai Media super team should bear social responsibility is not only the pursuit of results5

Shanghai Media: super team should take social responsibility not only the pursuit of achievement will Shenhua morning news reporter Gan Hui on the evening of 5 to 2016 in the awards ceremony, the Shenhua club won the most green social responsibility award. As a mature club, the result should be only one aspect, the club also needs to assume the corresponding social responsibility. This award is an affirmation of the work of the past year Shenhua club. Assist in developing youth football club youth work is not just a matter of fact, the club’s echelon construction, including with the club’s influence and professional, to help the development and popularization of the whole society youth soccer movement. On the one hand, Shenhua has done a lot of work. Shenhua sent teams to participate in the Shanghai University Football League Cup, and sent thousands of tickets to all teams, encourage more football loving students walked into the stadium, close to feel the extraordinary charm of football. Shenhua is also actively involved by the excellent sports teams of Shanghai Sports Bureau led the organization into the campus activities, and help Pudong New Area campus football, "summer camp held in primary and secondary school football star of hope. In 2016 the "Eagles Cup" — "red scarf love movement of seven player football match, all the players and teachers are invited to watch the Hongkou Shenhua team home court game, good team more opportunities to experience Shenhua Cambridge base professional coach training guide, and to interact with the Shenhua player. In addition, the club has been actively helping support Guizhou Prefecture of Qiannan province football career to Qiannan grassroots football coaches training courses, invite the local youth football team to the Shanghai Cambridge base for training and observation and other measures, a positive and effective role in local football development. Care about the fans, Qinruyijia Shenhua fans is a very large group of fans, do the work, is a very complicated system engineering. Despite these challenges, but from the actual result, the Shenhua fans are very fruitful. This season, Shenhua can remain unbeaten in the League home court in Hongkou to become the devil hundred-percent home court, with the majority of the Shenhua fans on the pitch to spare no effort to cheer for the team are inseparable. Shenhua fans, there is a very important principle of caring loving fans, family. In August 22nd, the club chairman Wu Xiaohui learned that the Shenhua fan tip after suffering from stomach cancer, personally went to the hospital to visit, and presented Moreno’s Jersey to encourage him to overcome the disease, strong. News officer Ma Yue also visited the hospital many times to encourage him to actively treatment, and then back to the stands. Hsuan Xuan — a child suffering from medulloblastoma, the Shenhua club on the understanding that the children’s situation, invited him to come to Shanghai to visit the training base, and saw him the love of Moreno. In August 13th the team with a victory for the small Xuan Xuan to send blessings, wish him a speedy recovery, strong in the face of life. Before the home game against Hebei China happy, the whole team together with fans for the death of the young fans before the death of Li Chunmo grief 1 minutes. In the end the fans cheer in Shenhua to win the game, the team will be this.