63German Cup – Rahm scored 2 to help Bayern Sohu 3-1- Sports|German Cup – Rahm scored 2 to help Bayern Sohu 3-1- Sports2

The German Cup – Rahm Muller scored 2 to help Bayern 3-1- Sohu (Sohu sports sports exclusive product without permission is forbidden) Beijing time on October 27th at 2:45 in the morning, 2016-17 season German Cup second round of the contest, in a Bavaria Derby, Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena in the 3-1 win over Augsburg, go through a third. Second minutes, Muller assists Rahm xianbatouchou. Forty-first minutes, Muller assists, Green header. Forty-eighth minutes and fifty-seventh minutes, with zhe and Muller has been fined a penalty. Sixty-eighth minutes, Ji Dong won to recover a ball. Moyes, Alabbar victory. The first round of the German Cup, Bayern 5-0 away victory over Jena to qualify for the Augsburg win 2-0 in RAVENSBURG pass. The German Cup, 3 Bayern and Augsburg played against Bayern victory and without conceding a goal, scoring 10 goals. Bayern have not lost in the last four years of the German cup. The last time Bayern lost in the regular season in the German cup or in the 2012 final, when Bayern lost to Dortmund in the final 2-5. Then Bayern in the regular 24 game unbeaten in the German Cup next, in the past 5 games have not conceded a goal, the two data is a new record in the history of the German cup. The Bayern, a wide range of rotation, after only 2 minutes, Yang after Kerr lost the ball, Tiago got the ball ball after Muller, the latter straight, Rahm broke into the restricted area after Akira open angle low shot into the far corner to score, 1-0, Bayern made a dream start. Twenty-eighth minutes, to tackle dangerous actions Bayer Koeman’s return after the opening of the first yellow card. Thirty-fifth minutes, Tiago straight, Muller in the restricted area turned up shot, the ball high over the bar. Forty-first minutes, or Muller assists, Green header to break the other goalkeeper Augsburg’s ten finger off, 2-0, Bayern to expand the lead. Green harvest Bayern first team is the first game. Forty-fourth minutes, the area with Koeman personal breakthrough, Augsburg goalkeeper and defender between Hitz let the ball mistakes, Tagore grab first kicked in Kerman before, poke the ball out of the bottom line. After 1 minutes, Hummel J shot out of the bottom line Hitz single palm. At the end of the second half, Bayern fully control the situation, temporarily two goals ahead. The second half both sides easy side battles, forty-eighth minutes, kacar inside the area by Hummel J down, with Zizhe penalty saved by Neuer. Fifty-seventh minutes, Hinteregger M handball foul in the penalty area, Bayern won a penalty chance, but Muller also missed a penalty. Sixty-fourth minutes, the Muller forbidden area at the top of the arc of the shot was saved by hitts. Sixty-eighth minutes, cooperation between the two South Korean players, with Zizhe back ball, Ji Dong won and Boateng on the left side of the penalty area, in view of the case of small bicycle left foot shot succeeded, 1-2, tenacious Augsburg to recover a ball. Seventy-seventh minutes, Sanchez shot wide. Seventy-ninth minutes, with the continuous and Muller inside, after Rahm. Muller was shot outside the box to hold hitts. Eighty-first minutes, a long time to heal the wounds of the first change Hummel J, after a lapse of more than 8 months after the debut again. Eighty-second minutes.